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RT 296 IT for RT

Test 3 study

What are the 2 ways to acquire digital images? Direct and Indirect
Direct capture devices convert the incident xray energy directly into an electrical signal then sends to computer
Indirect capture absorb xrays, converts them into light and light then converted to electrical signal that is sent to the computer for processing and viewing
What does indirect capture use to convert xray to light,then to electric signal? charge-coupled device (CCD)
What is AMA? active matrix array
what does scintillation mean? emit light
What is a reason digital radiography has less repeats? because of latitude
Latitude range of exposure factors that will produce an acceptable image
Matrix rectangular or square table of numbers that represent the pixel intensity to be displayed on the monitor
Pixel basic picture element on a display
Bit depth the number of bits stored per pixel, defines the shades of gray available for each pixel
Greater the bit depth, greater the what? contrast resolution
How many bits in a byte? 8
What kind of image is needed for human viewing? Analog
What is the measure of luminance of a monitor calibrated in units of candilla per sq meter? Brightness
Noise any type of signal interference in a digital image
Exposure index the amount of exposure received by the image receptor, not the patient
contrast resolution ability of digital imaging systems to display changes in gray scale values
Contrast differences in brightness between light and dark areas of an image
Resolution recorded sharpness of structures on image
Distortion misrepresentation of object size or shape
Histogram bar like graph, graphic representation of all the digitally recorded signals of a digital xray exposure
What do direct capture flat panel detectors use to covert xray photons to electrical signals? thin-film transistor (TFT)
A generic term that is used to describe a programmable electronic device that can store, retrieve, and process data is a? computer
Spatial resolution in digital imaging is dependent on what? pixel size
Which is desirable to SNR, a high or low ratio? high SNR
RAM random access memory
The system where billing info is? HIS
Workflow amount of work or exams completed over a period of time
IR image receptor, a device that changes the xray beam into visible image
EMR electronic medical record
EHR electronic health record
Created by: Chrslarsen