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CA Veh Fix it codes

189 Fix it Codes

26710 Broken windshield/repair w/in 48 hrs
26708a Obstructed view
26706a Windshield wipers required
26709 No left mirror
24011 Blue or yellow headlamps
24953a White or yellow turn signal
24250 Driving w/o lights during darkness
24400 two headlamps during darkness
24409a/b failure to dim high beam 500ft oncoming/300ft following
24405a No more than four lights facing forward lighted
24800 Driving with only parking lights on (day or night headlights must also be lit)
24252 Damaged/in operable rear lights
26101 Tape on tail lights
24600 Tail lights other than red
24953a Red or amber blinker
24601 License plate light required
24003 Lighted license frame other than red
5201 License plate mounted no more than 60" from ground
28071 Bumper required
27150/27151 Loud exhaust
27600 Mud guards required if tire protrudes from body of vehicle
27465b Tread depth
27602 TV visible to driver
26709a Two mirrors required (drivers side plus one)
26708 Front window tint (side or windshield no exceptions)
25250 Any flashing lights
24003 Any decorative lights including inside car (lights on tire valves, colored lights on running board)
4462.5 False Tabs (misd.)
5204a Invalid Tabs (expired)
5200 Front and rear plates required
4464 Altered plate
5202 Plates don't match car
Created by: tklauv
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