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Unit 4


culture the mix of values, beliefs, behaviors and material objects that reflect the way of life of a particular group of people
behaviors a person's actions or conduct
rituals behaviors done according to religious or social laws or customs
beliefs something accepted as true by an individual or group
values principles or standards considered worthwhile or desirable
tradition a system of beliefs, values, and practices passed down within a culture
cultural universals learned behavior patterns that are shared by all of humanity collectively
arable land land suited to agriculture
nomadic people who move from one place to another rather than settling permanently in one location
cultural landscape the visible features of an area of land as modified by humans showing the imprint of a cultural group
cultural change a shift that may occur within a culture, usually as a result of outside influences
cultural diffusion the spread of cultural traits from one culture to another
barrier something that inhibits or prevents the spread or passage
taboo a custom prohibiting or restricting a particular practice
fad short lived, highly popular and widespread activities, styles, objects or ideas
global problem a problem that affects the whole planet or recurs in many different places on earth
World Heritage sites UNESCO created these to protect the world's unique heritages and cultures.
globalization the process by which people, businesses, and countries throughout the world become more connected and interdependent, often resulting in more similarities
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