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Geography chp 19-20

Central and Eastern Europe/Siberia

What is an independent polish worker's labor union? Solidarity
What deals with economics and private businesses? Perestroika
What is Asian Russia? Siberia
What is the massacre of 6 million Jews from across Europe? Holocaust
What is permanently frozen soil? Permafrost
What covers most of Siberia? Permafrost
What was a struggle between the communist East and democratic West? Cold War
What means to break up into small mutually hostile political units? Balkanization
What is a revolution without blood shed? Velvet Revolution
Which lake is the world's deepest lake, largest freshwater lake, and holds 20% of the earth's fresh water? Lake Baikal
What is an economy where the government controls what and how much is produced? Command Economy
What is an inland sea with warm summers and beach resorts? Black Sea
What is the movement for freedom of speech? Glastnost
What are government owned farms in which the workers share the profits earned? Collective Farms
What year did communists end private ownership of farms? 1948
What is a system in which the government controls almost all aspects of political and economic life? Communism
What is a treeless plan in an arctic area where short grasses grow? Tundra
What type of ecosystem is located where Europe touches the Arctic Ocean? Tundra
What is another name for coniferous forests? Taiga
What vegetation is south of the tundra? Taiga
What is the sense of what characteristics make a nation a nation? National Identity
What is a North Atlantic Treaty Organization? NATO
What is the name for a series of monarchs in Russia? Czars
What is when goods and services move unofficially without formal record keeping? Black Market
What was the conversion of state-run industries into private firms during the post-communist economic restructuring? Privatization
What years did World War 1 occur? 1914-1918
What year did the Russian Revolution take place? 1917
What is to get rid of a certain ethnic group? Ethnic Cleansing
What is the name of a mountain range in Western Europe? Ural Mountains
What is a social system based on the principle of individual rights (free market, laissez-faire) Capitalism
What is a city in the Ukraine that had a disaster involving a nuclear power plant? Chernobyl
What is the capital of Russia? Moscow
What is Europe's longest river? Volga River
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