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Science savannah

test tomorrow !!!

Physical Property Any characteristic of material, such as size or shape without changing composition.
Viscosity Funds resistance to flow Ex. Honey
Conductivity The ability to allow heat to flow
Malleability Ability of a solid to be hammered without shattering
Melting Point Temp at which a solid becomes a liquid
Boiling Point Temp at which substance changes from liquid to a gas!
Filitration Act of passing a substance such as water through a filter to remove solid particles from it.
Distillation Process that can separates two substances in a mixture by evaporating a liquid and re condescending its vapor.
Physical Change Any change in size, shape,or state of matter in which the identity of the substance remains the same.
Chemical Property Any property that produces a change in composition of matter.
Flammability Quality of being easily ignited and burning rapidly.
Re-activity Measure of how actively a substance of chemical reacts with other substance or chemical.
Chemical Change Change of one substance to another
Precipitate Insoluble compound that comes out of solution during a double displacement reaction
Explain how Physical Properties can be used to separate mixtures Separate items based on appearance (magnetism)
5 examples of physical changes Size Shape Density State of matter and color
Explain how distillation uses a physical change to separate a mixture Uses PC making a liquid to a solid to separate mixtures. One substance with lower boiling point first leaves behind gas mixture is separated
When can chemical properties be observed? Only when substance is changing into another substance
3 types of evidence for a chemical change and give example for each Change in color Ex. Burning wood Production of gas Ex. Baking soda Formation of Precipitate Ex. Veneger and milk
Difference between chemical and physical change Chemical- Composition changes and leaves new substance Physical- composition remains the same
Steps that can be used to identify a material 1. Decide which properties to test 2. Do test on sample of unknown 3. Compare results data reported of known materials.
Two processes that are commonly used to separate mixtures are? Filtration and Distillation
Explain how filtration separates materials based on the size of their particles Particles small enough to pass through filter are separated from larger particles that are trapped on filter
Explain why distillation works for converting seawater into fresh water. Water has a much lower boiling point than the compound disolved in sea water. Water can be boiled and collected in original container
What physical change processes are reversible? Wrinkling a shirt and freezing water
What compounds form when a candle burns? Water and Carbon
Why isn't iron used to make coins? it is highly reactive in presence of oxygen and water and it would rust
What happens to the composition when matter undergoes chemical change? Changes
What happens to the composition when matter undergoes a physical change? stays the same
Created by: savannahsimpson