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by Helen Frost

What was the name of Wren's doll? Kamara p. 3
What kind of vehicle was Wren kidnapped from? a gold minivan p. 3
Where did Wren hide first inside the garage? behind the freezer p.11
Why did Wren cover her dress with inside the boat? an old sweatshirt p. 12
Why did West stop in the parking lot after he stole the car? change license plates on the stolen car p. 16
What scratched Wren inside the boat? a cat p. 18
What was the cat's name? Archie p. 20
Where did West want to leave the stolen vehicle? the mall parking lot p. 22
What color did West spray paint the minivan? dark green p. 20
What 3 things did Wren see when she peeked through the crack in the door after West and Stacey left? a half full glass of orange juice, a box of crackers and a telephone p. 35
What did Wren lose when she rolled under the garage door? a shoe p. 27
What went out of the garage through the little door? a skunk p. 33
What did Darra leave in the garage for Wren to eat? a sandwich and a bottle of water p. 29
What was Darra going to put on Wren to help her escape? a blindfold/scarf p. 39
What did Darra's dad ask her not to let her mom sell? his boat p. 42
What was the name of West's business partner? Stu p. 43
What was the name of the dog that was found chewing on a shoe? Bilbo p. 44
Where did Wren go when she escaped? Amish farmhouse p. 45
What did Darra buy her dad when she visited him in jail? Doritos and Coke p. 47
What did Darra's mom tell Darra's dad that she wanted the last time they visited him in jail? a divorce p. 48
Where was Camp Oakwood located? Upper Peninsula, Michigan p. 49
What was the name of the lake at Camp Oakwood? Lake Josephine p. 51
What color outfit did Chen wear on Saturdays? light blue p. 52
What was different about Rachel's hair? it was orange p. 52
How long does Wren get to stay at camp? all 6 weeks p. 53
Who left a will providing the payment or Darra's camp? Grandma p. 55
What did Darra help Jeremy carry? a ramp p. 55
What was wrong with the tree when it lost its leaves? it was cold p. 63
What was Darra skipping out on her second day when she went to the rock? Cabin Time p. 65
Who does Darra give a thumbs up for taking his swimming test? Sam p. 66
What did Wren and Darra both try out for? Lifesaving p. 68
What did Darra find under her pillow? a note from Wren p. 71
Who did Darra pair up with for Buddy Board? Sam p. 71
What does Wren do when Darra asks for her to play Marco Polo? kicks her in the arm p. 74
What does Darra keep that she found under the seat in the car Wren was taken from? a photo album p. 76
What do the girls in the cabin do after special moment and lights out? have a party p. 77
What do Miles and Jeremy demonstrate at Lifesaving class? Block and Parry p. 78
Where does Darra sit in the Dining Hall? with the boys from Cabin Two p. 84
What does Savanna ask Darra about her dad when Wren interrupts? what he does for a job p. 88
What game does Miles teach? drown last p. 90
What does Darra tell Jonna that happened to Wren and caused her to cry after the game? stomach cramps p. 97
What color hair and eyes does Darra have? -red hair, green eyes
Where did Darra go on a field trip in a glass-bottom boat? Lake Superior p. 105
What message did Darra write on the stone for Toryn? "You Rock, Toryn!" p. 106
What song do the girls sing at the campfire circle? Miss Mary Mack p. 107
Who moved into Toryn's bed an hour after she left? Mikki p. 108
Where does Darra go to be alone and read her letter from dad? Big Rock by the waterfront p. 114
When does Darra's dad say he is getting out of prison October p.
Why can't the girls row near the channel during boating? swans are in the rushes building nests p. 118
What job did Mr. Abbott give Jeremy's dad after he got out of prison? washing school buses p. 128
Where did the kids used to go and sit and spy on counselors at night? The Watching Rock p. 131
Why did the whole cabin get up early? to watch the sunrise? p. 135
What did Sam make for Darra at Nature Crafts? a wooden box p. 135
Who do Wren and Darra take down together at Drown Last? Jeremy p. 138
What does Wren write on Darra's stone? "None of it was our fault" p 140
Who does Wren tell Darra not to blame? Bilbo p. 140
What award did Sam get the last night of camp? Most Improved Junior Boy Swimmer p. 140
What does Darra take out of the car when her mom comes to pick her up? Archie p. 142
Created by: Toano
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