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Elephant in/t Garden

by Michael Morpurgo

What did Carl and his friends build outside the sitting room at the nursing home? a snowman p. 5
How old is Lizzie? 82 p. 7
Lizzie says she had read every book by what author> Agatha Christy p. 8
What was the date of the day that Lizzie said changed her life forever? Feb. 13 p. 13
What did Lizzie and Karli call their mother? Mutti p. 18
What singer was the elephant named after? Marlene Dietrich p. 19
Where was Lizzie born? Dresden, Germany p. 20
Where did Papi work? the art gallery p. 21
Who did Lizzie and her family stay with on holidays in the countryside? Uncle Manfred and Aunt Lotti p. 22
Which country's army is called the "Red Army"? Russia p. 31
What did the Herr Direktor tell the zoo employees they would have to do if the bombers come? destroy the animals p. 40
What kind of pictures did Mutti and Karli cut out and put on Lizzie's birthday card? circus life (clowns, jugglers, horses , elephants) p. 52
What did Mutti make Elizabeth for dinner on her 16th birthday? potato soup p. 52
What was Lizzie's birthday surprise? Marlene the elephant p. 53
Instead of "Peg Leg", what di kids call Karli after Marlene came to live with them? elephant boy p. 59
What did Marlene knock off of the policeman? his cap/hat p. 61
Where did Mutti tell the children they would go after their house was destroyed by bombs? Uncle Manfred and Aunt Lotti's p. 75
Who did Lizzie and her family find in the barn at Uncle Manfred and Aunt Lotti's? an airman/bomber p. 92
What does Lizzie wish she had brought to the nursing home with her that she let at her apartment? photo album p. 95
What was on Lizzie's key chain? an elephant p. 97
What did Peter show Karli when they were sitting on the floor in front of the stove? a compass p. 108
What is done in Dresden every year on the anniversary of the day the bombers came? they ring al the church bells in the city p. 135
Whose house did the family stop at when Karli got sick? The Countess' p. 159
What did Karli say helped make him better? Peter's compass p. 161
What does the Countess ask Mutti to do when she leaves? take the choir children with her p. 170
How did the Countess' husband die? trying to assassinate Hitler p. 171
Where did Lizzie, Mutti and Karli go when they were released from the camp? to Mutti's cousin's house (Renate) in Heidelberg, Germany p. 189
Where did Peter and Lizzie go after they got married? Canada p. 192
Where did Lizzie see Marlene again? a circus in Toronto p 193
Created by: Toano
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