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Chapter 18 Test

DO NOT MEMORIZE these concepts. They are an overview of concepts only.

nation a group of people who share a common history and culture
Tsunami A "giant sea wave caused by an earthquake or volcano.
In the early 1900s, some Russians organized what kind of party? Communist Party
What are the effects of tsunamis? kills thosands of people and seriously injures thousands more
ethnic group people with a sharred identity
state a political unit that controls a fixed territory
Who was the leader of the communist party? Lenin
nation state a country whose people mostly share a common identity
what did the Soviet Union become? world's largest failed state
Who took power of the Soviet Union in 1924 after Lenin died? Josef Stalin
aftershocks many smaller earthquakes after the main one and can do additional damage
5 features of a successful nation state security, political freedom, economic growth, quality of life, and national unity
Mt. Saint Helens eruption killed 57 people
a successful state can protect its' people from foreign enemies
What did Stalin's leadership cause for the Soviet population? great hardships at best and terror at worst
a successful states' police can keep its people safe from crime
Ring of fire a string of volcanoes and sites of seismic activity, or earthquakes, around the edges of the Pacific Ocean
a successful nation state protects the rights and freedoms of its' citizens
in a free country the people chose their leaders and elections are honest and fair.the people don't have to fear of getting arrested for/while voting
How many Soviet citizens died of hunger, or starvation? 3 to 4 million
The ring of fire is the result of plate tectonics
soviet union ruled by dictators
The edges of several tectonic plates meet along the Ring of Fire
a successful nation state uses ____ and _____ to promote economic growth resources and location
Mount St. Helens in the Ring of in the state of Washington
gross domestic product(GDP)is the total value of goods and services produced in a country
What else, besides the Soviet Government, did Stalin want to take control of? The Soviet Society
when gdp rises income rises
when income rises poverty declines
What force of Stalin's arrested, imprisoned, and killed 2 to 3 million Soviet citizens? Salin's secret police, called the NKVD.
a successful nation state tries to improve peoples ______ by providing them with___ ___,_____ ______, and ________ quality of life; safe food, clean water, good medical care
What is home to the most active volcanoes on earth? The Ring of Fire
where are most of the volcanoes located on the Ring of Fire? the eastern edge
as people live healthier lives life expectancy increases
nationalism feelings of pride and loyalty towards ones' nation
ethnic group a group of people who share a unique culture and identity
naton share a common history and culture
nation state country whose people mostly share a common identity
state a political unit that controls a paticular territory
Kazakstan is too _____ for _____ arid agriculture
Mikhail Gorbachev leader of the Soviet Union in the 1980s who made 3 big reforms that led to collapse of the nation-state
Kazakhstan's most important resource Oil
Ethnic conflicts in Kazakhstan are between Kazakhs (Muslim) and ethnic Russians (Christian)
Kazakhstan suffers from major environmental problems including Chemicals in the water supplies from the use of pesticides, toxic waste from old Soviet factories, and nuclear radiation resulting from the Soviet Union secretly testing nuclear weapons there
Caucaucus countries Armenia, Georgia, Azerbaijan
Azerbijan's most important resource OIL!
Ethnic & religious conflicts in Azerbaijan are between 90% Azeris (Muslim) & 2% Armenian (Christian)
Which ch 18 country is landlocked? Belarus
Which country suffered the greatest damage after the nuclear explosion at Chernobyl? Belarus
What three countries are known as the "Baltic States"? Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia
On which two things is the economy of Lithuania based? Agriculture and Fishing (it has limited mineral resources)
What kind of conflicts exist in Lithuania? None really because the sense of national unity is so strong
Which Ch 18 country is an E.U. member state? Lithuania, it's the only one that has little conflict and a quickly growing economy
What are Russia's two most important resources? Natural gas & oil
How is the crime rate in Russia? Very high
What happened to the Chechen ethnic group in Russia? This group wished to form its own nation-state (Chechnya) but Russia violently opposed them. 100,000 Chechens were killed. There is still violence occurring today.
After the Soviet Union privatized its businesses (the government sold the businesses to individuals), who purchased the best ones? The powerful political leaders bought the best businesses and left the broken, old, poorly-producing businesses for everyone else to buy
Texas wanted to cede from the United States and become its own ________. nation-state
Han Chinese is an example of an __________. Ethnic group, nation
A synonym for "nation-state" is _______. country
I felt very _______ after my country won a war against the bad guys. nationalistic
A state has ________ boundaries but it isn't a nation-state unless it is also _______, or independent. political, autonomous
Guam is not a _______ because the US is in charge of it (it's not autonomous). nation-state
The ________ in the Russia was terrible; the people had very little food and there weren't enough homes to live in. quality of life
The ___________ in Azerbaijan is very high; 56 out of every 1,000 babies died in less than a year in 2008 infant mortality rate
The Navajo people (like other Native American tribes) are an _______, a _______ and a _______, but they are not autonomous. ethnic group, nation, state
Puerto Rico is a ______ and a _______, but it is not autonomous because it's a territory of the United States. nation, state
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