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Dark Life

by Kat Falls

What animal chases the main character on the first visit to Sleep Canyon? green lantern shark p. 1
What is the name of the canyon that hold the lsot East Coast? Cold Sleep Canyon p. 3
What does Ty think Gemma's name sounds like? gem o' the ocean p. 10
What does Ty use to get around under water? a manta board p. 16
Where do most settlers dwell? the Continental Shelf p. 17
What was the Cold Sleep Canyon originally called? the Hudson Canyon p. 17
What happens to Ty's skin in the daylight? it shines/glows p. 34
What does "recreation" really stand for in the elevator at port? saloon & gambling p. 40
What was the argument abou tin the town meeting? property tax and hunting down outlaws p. 49
What is the fence that settlers use to keep livestock in and sharks out made from? bubbles p. 52
What was aquaculture? deep sea farming p. 55
What giant sea moster did Zoe bring home when we first meet her? an oarfish/sea surpent p. 60
What does Gemma think Zoe looks like the first time they meet? an angel p. 60
What does each of the 3 spigots put out in Ty's house? hot, cold and salt water p. 65
At what age do topsiders go to the boarding home? age 6 p. 67
How old is Hewitt? 12 p. 70
Who is shade? Leader of the Seablite gang p. 71
What makes shade different than other members of the gang? he is albino and doesn't darken glass of his helmet during roberies p. 71
How long does it take a homestead to cool down? 30 minutes p. 72
What is the name of shade's sub? the Specter p. 76
What does the Specter look like? an oversized great white sharek with its mouth open and a black bubble caught in its throat
What is the family name of the house that collapsed? Peavey p. 82
What does Zoe's room show she's obsessed with? fish p. 94
What types of fish does Zoe have in her dark tank? viperfish, vampire squid, gulper eels, snaggle tooths and loose jaws p. 95
What does skimming algae entail? scraping the house clean by hand p. 96
Which of the children wants to live topside? Hewitt p. 97
What did the Seablite gang take from the Peavey house? food an Liquigen p. 99
Why are they called the seablite gang? because they escaped the prison named Seablite p. 110
What does Ty tell Doc Zoe's gift is? picking her nose with her tongue p. 114
What happened to the abandoned bloodied sub? it was drupped on the Peavy's land p. 115
What does Gemma dress as when she goes to the saloon? a boy p. 130
What article does Ty find in the doc's office when he's looking for bandages? a title in the files called "Dark Gifts": a subsea phenomenon p. 132
Why does Raj take parenting so seriously? he is raining his 12 yar old daughter alone p. 142
What are the names of Shade's two henchmen in the saloon? Pretty and Evil p. 151
What does the ranger think o the dark life? He thinks they are crazy p. 156
What surprise awaits Ty in the elevator as he leaves the ranger office? Shade p. 158
What ship are Ty and Gemma in when they are caught by the Specter? a slickie p. 168
What shocking news does Gemma tell Ty as they are being pulled into the Specter? she can't swim p. 169
What shocking news does Ty tell Gemma as they are being pulled into the Specter? he has a dark gift p. 170
What is Ty's dark gift? bio-sonar (he can see with sound) p. 171
Why can't Gemma hear the clicks Ty makes? it is too high pitched p. 173
Name at least two wonders Gemma encounters as they are crossing the sea floor on foot? Siphonophoni p. 174 bottle nose dolphins whale carcass
What did prisoners of the Seablite prison do for work? panning for black pearls p. 179
Who is in the picture Ty and Gemma find in the Seablite prison? Gemma p. 185
How much does a humpback whale weight? 30+ tons p. 190
How do Ty and Gemma leave the Seablite prison? they tie a lasso to a humpback whale tale p. 191
What does Jibby mean when he asks Gemma to stay with him on his 100 acres? to marry him p. 195
Describe what Ms. Spinner (Gemma's orphanage caretaker) looks like? topsider, over curled hair, colors of parrot fish, pastel chalk used to line features p. 205
Where does Ms. Spinner plan to send Gemma when she returns topside? Altoona Reformatory for Wayward Girls p. 208
How did Shade know where Ty lived? he got in the captured slickie and hit the home icon p. 218
What is Zoe's special ability? electricity p. 224
What has Doc's previous name and what did he change it to? Dr. Metzger to Kunze p. 240
Name one way Hewitt uses his genius dark gift? he can tell the temperature of water by tipping a toe, he can tell the atmosphere pressure by walking into it p. 263
What two favors does Ty get from Shade for saving his life? he won't raid another homestead and he signed Gemma's emancipation forms p. 276
What was Shade's parting message to Gemma? their hand signal-stay strong and I love you p. 280
How do all the settlers escape the flooding Surface Desk? on dolphins p. 285
What knocked Gemma off her dolphin? Doc p. 287
When was the last time Ty kissed Gemma? when Benthic Territory petitioned for statehood p. 296
Created by: Toano
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