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Tall Story

by Candy Gourley

How old is Bernardo? 16 p. 1
Where is Bernardo from? Philippines p. 2
What is Bernardo's nickname? Nardo p. 4
What is Bernardo's step father's name and occupation? William... a nurse p. 7
Who did Bernardo live with in the Philippines? Aunt Sophia and Uncle Victor p. 7
What is the name of Bernard's village in the Philippines? San Andres, near the Montaulban Mts. p. 7
Where do Bernard's mother, step father and sister live? London, England p. 7
What is Bernardo's last name and who is he named after? Hipolito, his father p. 8
Who is Bernardo Carpio? a legendary giant who kept San Andres safe p. 8
Who is Jabby? Bernardo's best friend "Jabbar" who liked to go by Karem Abdul-Jabbar p. 5
Who were the mountain men? a local basketball team in San Andres p. 9
How tall was Bernardo when he was 14? 6 feet p. 10
Who is Andi? Bernardo's younger half sister p.
What is the language of the Philippines? Tagalog p.
What happened to Bernardo's father? he died when Bernardo was very young from dengue fever (while his wife was ill too) p.
Why did Bernardo's mother, Mary Ann, leave him in the Philippines with her aunt and uncle? to work as a nurse in London, England for more money to support her son and pay the hospital bills from her and her husband's illnesses p.
What game did Andi love? Basketball p.
What did Jabby want Bernardo to join? the local basketball team p.
What type of nurse was Bernardo's mother? an emergency room nurse p. 13
What was Bernardo Carpio credited with in San Andres folklore? saving the town from earth quakes p. 22
The people of San Andres hated Bernardo Carpio because he was big and different. How did Bernardo Carpio fight back he decided to win them over with kindness... like scratching a path for a river to water their farm fields... he pushed the mountain apart so the sun could reach the village fields etc.
How did Bernard Carpio die? He was holding two fissures from an earthquake apart when rocks crumbled on top burying him
How is dengue fever contracted? from a mosquito bite
What position did Andi want to play? point guard
What did Mary Ann want to own? a house
Who was Mad Nene? Gabriella's mother
Why was Mad Nene crazy? the death of her daughter, Gabriella, caused her to stop caring for herself and to wander the village
What did Mad Nene give Bernardo? a gift--the wishing stone that once belonged to her daughter, Gabriella
What was Gabriela's dying wish? that Bernardo would be given her wishing stone
What did the wishing stone grant? one wish
What was the name of Andi's new school? St. Simeon (St. Sims)
What portion of the building at St. Sims was new? the gym
What happened when Andi's family moved into their new home? the ceiling fell down
What was Nardo's wish? to join his family in London
What was Nardo's school's name? Sacred Heart Academy
How old was Nardo when he first met Gabriella at school? 13... she stole a packet of shells he bought to give to his family in London
What type of girl was Gabriella at school? a girl thug, she did not follow the rules and dressed provocatively while teasing the boys
What type of shop did Old Tibo have? a barber shop p. 60
What was Old Tibo's dog's name? Flash Gordon p. 60
What world record does San Andres hold? the most earthquakes in a day
Who is Amandolina Jones? Andi p. 66
What was the name of the St. Simeon basketball team? Saint Simeon Souls p. 69
Where did Jabby take Nardo to play basketball? the unfinished sports arena p. 70
In the Philippines, what was the Mt. Men's rival basketball team called? the giant killers p. 76
Why did Nardo NOT want to play basketball? he was clumsy and he did not want to be the team freak because of his height p. 77
Who did Andi have to temporarily share her new room with? her brother Bernardo--until the ceiling in his room is repaired p. 80
Who is Rocky the St. Sims basketball captain p. 90
Who was the coach of the St. Sims team? they had no coach p. 90
What is a "kit" in British speech? a sports uniform set p. 90
Andi thought she could play basketball at her school but was told no. Why? it was a boys basketball team p. 91
Why did Bernardo bend low and touch his mother's hand to his forehead when he saw her at the airport in London? it is a Fillopino custom showing deep respect p. 100
What did Timbuktu make for Bernardo's trip? a suit p. 106
How was Bernardo's tie attached? with Velcro p. 106
What type of shoes did Nardo wear with his suit? sandals p. 107
What are cell phones called in England? mobiles p. 116
What was Nardo's ringtone for a message alert on his cell phone? Darth Vader's these from Star Wars p. 116
What emergency medical issue was Bernardo having before he left for London and again when he was on the subway (tube)? seizures p, 121
What part of Bernardo's body did the doctors in England perform an MRI? his brain p. 133
What are centavos? Fillopino coins/money p. 136
Who was Andi and Bernardo's favorite basketball player? Michael Jordan p. 141
What type of magic was Mad Nena known for? black magic p. 156
What was Gabriella's dog's name? Judas... he was very mean p. 157
What did Bernardo steal from Gabriella? her wishing stone necklace p. 158
How tall was Bernardo when he traveled to England? 8 feet tall p.
What caused Bernardo to grow so tall? a tumor on his Pituitary gland p. 171
What is the name for Bernardo's condition? gigantism p. 171
What did Bernardo do to make Andi mad when he followed her to the basketball game? he sunk a basket thrown short by Rocky--and everyone now saw Andi's brother was a giant p. 187
Why did Bernardo join the Souls? for his sister p. 204
What did Bernardo want to avoid by refusing to play for Jabby or the Souls? being a gimach or side show attraction p. 203
What name for an ogre did some children call Bernardo? What name did Bernardo correct them to liken him to? Shrek... Hercules p. 207
Who bit Gabriela as Bernardo ran from her house after stealing the wishing stone? her own dog, Judas p. 221
What did Gabreila die of? rabis she contracted from her dog Judas after he bit her p. 230
What happened to Bernardo and the village after he went to confession over what happened to Gabriela? he was hailed as the hero who freed the people of Montalban from Nena the witch and her daughter and stopped the earthquakes p. 233
What tragic news did Bernardo's mother learn of her village after Bernardo left for London? it was the epicenter of a huge earthquake--it was destroyed p. 233
How big was the earthquake on the Richter scale that leveled Bernardo's village? 7 p. 242
Bernardo's mother did not want to tell him about the earthquake until she knew more. But he returned to the house because he forgot something. What did he forget? his basketball uniform (kit) p. 244
What did Bernardo find out when he returned home to get his forgotten uniform? he saw the news on with footage of the earthquake p. 248
What secret weapon did the Colts basketball team have against the Souls? a tall player p. 258
When Barnardo did not show up for the big game against the Colts, who filled in? Andi p. 258
What did Andi see in Mrs. Green's office as she changed into a basketball uniform? an autographed picture to Mrs. Green from Michael Jordan p. 262
When Bernardo gave Andi the wishing stone, what did she wish for? to play point guard for the Souls p. 263
Who made the winning goal in the match between the Colts and the Souls? Andi sunk a 3 pointer at the bell p. 2270
Andi did not stop running after sinking the last winning shot. Where did she run to? to find Bernardo since he never showed up at the game p. 271
Why did Bernardo miss playing in the game? while home watching the destruction of the earthquake on TV, he had a seizure and was rushed to the hospital for an operation p. 275
What one person was missing from San Andres after the big earthquake? Jabby p. 276
What was Jabby's real name? Henry p. 290
Where did rescuers find Jabby after the earthquake? in the tunnel of the closed arena p. 290
What caused Bernardo to have his operation? a blood vessel (brain anyeurysm burst) in his brain--they saved him just in time p. 293
What happened to Bernardo's tumor on his pituitary gland? it died and stopped making him grow p. 293
How did they find Jabby? from the cell phone calls he made to Bernardo p. 287
Waht happened to the St. Simeon basketball trophy? they had to give it back after there was a protest for playing a girl on the field p. 289
Waht did the T-shirts say that Timbuktu was selling a lot of? "Survior" 295
Created by: Toano
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