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by Raina Telgemeier

Why did Raina have to get braces? for her overbite p. 2
Who was Raina trying to catch when she tripped? Kelli p. 5
What happed when Raina fell? she lost a tooth p. 9
Who sent the card to Raina from school? Mr. Cruz p. 17
what did Raina find out when the dentist took off the plaster seal? her two front teeth sat up higher making her look like a vampire p. 25
Where does Raina's mom take her to get a get well present? a toy store/comic store p. 26
What did the girl tell Raina about her ponytails? a baby p. 29
What does Raina want to do for her 12th birthday? get her ears pierced p. 37
Why doesn't Raina want headgear? because she would look like a nerd p. 40
What advice did Raina dad give her to help stop the pain from braces? bang her head against the wall p. 45
Who was Raina's best friend until 5th grade and she moved away? Jane p. 50
What does Raina think everyone will notice the first day of 7th grade? her zits and her braces p. 58
Who does Raina end up sitting next to in beginning band class on the first day? Sammy p. 61
What did Raina's sister do during the earthquake? hugged her under a table p. 67
How did Sammy find out that Raina liked him? her friends were teasing her in front of her p. 83
What two options did the orthodontist give Raina to permanently fix her teeth? pull the teeth and replace them with false teeth or put on a full set of braces for more years p. 88
What happened in the bounce house when Raina was younger? her tooth got snagged on the netting and was pulled out p. 98
What did Raina say she wanted for Christmas? her two front teeth p. 103
Why did Raina like her new retainer she got over winter break? she could eat corn on the cob p. 107
Why was Sammy so happy to hear Raina was going to the dance party? he had something to give to her- Valentine chocolate p. 121
What is Raina doing with a pillow? mushing her face into the couch cushions so they would feel better p. 130
What sport did Raina try out for? basketball p. 150
What did Raina's teacher say when he took and read the note she was passing in class? Who's Sean? p. 153
what does Raina think about the immature boys? they were good for practicing flirting p. 156
Why did not Raina not want to place spin the bottle? She did not want her first kiss to be followed by gross noises given by the gross boys p. 161
What happened when Raina left the dentist after her deep root cleaning? she fainted from the pain and her mother screamed at the doctor for his negligence p. 167
What happened to Raina's plastic front tooth the summer before she started high school? it was taken out p. 175
Why was it a spectacle when Raina opened her backpack in high school? it contained all sorts of stuff for her braces p. 185
What did Nicole and Karin do to embarrass Raina? they pulled down her skirt in front of everyone at school p. 188
What was Raining feeling about her braces finally coming off? excited, but her mouth looked weird to her p. 200
What did the dentist give Raina after her braces were taken off? a jar of popcorn p. 201
What did Raina finally do at the end of the book? she smiled for a school picture p. 213
Created by: Toano