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by Margaret Haddix

What was the name of the airline where the plane landed at the beginning? Sky Trail Air p. 1
What word was banned from Sky Trail Air's employee vocabulary? "crash" p. 5
How many babies were on the plane? 36 p.m 10
What appeared out of nowhere at gate 2B? a plane full of babies p. 10
How many years later does the story pick up with Jonah and Chip? 13 p. 11
What flavor ice cream did johan like? mind chocolate chip p. 13
What was Jonah's sister's name? Katherine p. 13
Was Katherine adopted like Jonah? no p. 13
When did Jonah's parents receive a call telling them they had a 5 month old baby boy for them to adopt? the week before Christmas p. 15
What was the age difference between Jonah and his sister Katherine? 1 year p. 15
What annoying nickname did Katherine have for her bother? Jo-No p.. 18
What was Jonah's last name? Skidmore p. 19
What did Jonah receive in the mail at the beginning of the story? a letter with 6 words "You areone of the missing" p. 20
What grade was Jonah in at school? 7th grade p.m 21
What did Jonah first think about the letter telling him he was one of the missing? he thought it was a prank p. 22
What did Chip's letter read? the same as Jonah's... you are one of the missing p. 28
How did Chip find out he was adopted? he asked his father p. 30
What code did Chip's parents use for their wall safe? Bonus! What was Chip's real name? Chip's birthday 0919 p. 38 Bonus answer: Charles Haddingford Winston the third
Jonah said about how many in one hundred Americans are adopted? 4 out of 100 p. 39
What was the name of the adoption agency that handled Chip's adoption? Bonus: What was the name of Jonah's adoption agency? the Happy Family Adoption Agency p. 40 Bonus: Hope for Children p.m 48
Who did James Reardon work for? the FBI p. 42
What messge did the 2nd letter contain? 7 words, "Beware! They're coming back to get you." p. 56
What drink did the janitor give Jonah that he got extra from the drink machine? a Mountain Dew p. 75
What did Mr. Reardon call a "Matter of National Security"? Jonah's adoption p. 79
What illness fell upon Jonah after he drank the Mt. Dew? a sick stomach and vomiting p. 87
What was Jonah told to look for in Mr. Reardon's office by the maintenance man in the bathroom? the file on the desk p. 90
Who took pictures of the file on Mr. Reardon's desk? Katherine p. 98
What two titles appeared on the pages of the file found on Mr. Reardon's desk? Witnesses and Survivors p. 109
What was the name of the witness in the folder? Angela DuPre, the gate agent at the airport 13 years ago for Sky Trail Air p. 124
What started happening to all the children on the FBI list and their families? they began moving to the area near Jonah. p. 131
Where was the conference room meeting to be? the Liston Public Library p. 146
Who met Jonah, Chip and Katherine at the library in the conference room? Angela DuPre p. 157
Who admitted to seeing the unauthorized plane appear? Angela DuPre p. 163
Who saw the plane disappear? Angela's boss, Monique Waters p. 169
Why did Angela quit her airline job? she was put on disability by her bosses because they thought she was hallucinating p. 169
What name did Angela see on the side of the plane full of babies? Tachyon Travel p. 172
What is a Tachyon? a theoretical particle that travels faster than the speed of light p. 173
What type of machine did Angel propose that plane really was? a time machine p. 173
How did the kids escape from the library conference room? through a window p. 177
What happened to Angela when she left the library? she turned, waved and disappeared at at pine tree cluster (a time warp) p. 183
Where was the book setting? Liston, Ohio p. 195
Who was Daniella McCarthy? one of the missing p. 198
What did Jonah see in his room from the street one night? an intruder p. 203
Who is JB? Who is "E"? "Janitor Boy" and Enemy p. 204-5
Why did the boys go to the conference? Where was it? they were invited to a conference for adopted teens put on by social services, at a school
Who was Grant Hodge and Mr. Gary Payne? Where were they taking their conference group? supposed to be case workers running a part of the teen adoption conference p. 241 on a hike p. 242
Who did Katherine tell Grant Hodge, the leader of the adoption conference group, she was? Daniella McCarthy p. 238
What fairy tale character did Mr. Hodge and Mr. Payne remind Jonah of? the Pied Piper p. 243
What did Mr. Hodge have each child touch with their fingers spread out for a could of second on the way into the cave to sit on benches? a cold rock formation (which was really a hand scanner) p. 247
What happened once they were all in the cave? the entrance closed p. 254
Who fought with Hodge and Payne in the cave? JB (Janitor Boy)
What stopped the fight in the cave? the gunshot fired by Mr. Hodge p. 251
What was not supposed to be brought into the 21st century? a gun/weapon p. 260
What was Ming Reynolds' real identity? a minor Chinese princess from the 4th century p. 261
Who stepped out of the shadows in the cave to help? Angela DuPre p. 263
What did Angela use to disable Mr. Hodge? a regular old 21st century Taser p. 264
What is an Elucidator? a device from the future that looked like a remote that allowed time travel and communication through time p. 268
Who was Curtis Rathbone? CEO of Interchronological Rescue p. 279
Who are the 36 children? the missing children of history p. 285
Created by: Toano
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