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Unit 13 Review

______________________ data is a description of an object - ex.color or shape qualitative
_______________________ data is numbers collected in an experiment - ex. height of a plant quantitative
Graph that shows changes over time line
Graph that shows percentages or parts of a whole circle or pie
Graph that compares data - ex. How many people in class have birthdays each month bar
_________ _____________ is used to show similarities and differences Venn diagram
The _____________ variable is also called the manipulated variable and it is the variable that a scientist changes. independent
The _____________ variable is also called the responding variable and it is what is being tested or measured dependent
__________ are factors that remain the same for all items in the experiment constants
The ___________ is the group that is used for comparison and is not subjected to the independent variable control
A _______________ is an educated guess that explains a set of observations. hypothesis
Why is the scientific method used? To get reliable results. Only one variable is tested at a time to determine its effect.
Why is it important to take accurate measurements? To have accurate data to form your conclusion.
Created by: lschramme