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Unit 10/11 Review

the DISTANCE light travels in a year light year
The reason scientists use light years distances are so great that other units are not practical
all of space and everything in it universe
a cluster of gas, rocks, dust and stars galaxy
clouds of dust and gas where stars form nebula
the galaxy that Earth is a part of Milky Way Galaxy
What type of galaxy is the Milky Way Galaxy? spiral
Type of galaxy with a pinwheel shape spiral
Type of galaxy that looks like a flatted disc elliptical
Where our solar system is located in our galaxy near the edge,about 26,000 LY from the center
What is a star made of? Hydrogen gas fusing to make helium and other elements
The range of electromagnetic waves in order of increasing frequency electromagnetic spectrum
What is red shift? When a star is moving away from earth, the light emitted will have a longer wavelength and appear more red
What is blue shift? When a star is moving towards earth, the color emitted will be more blue because of the shorter wavelength
What is apparent magnitude? the brightness of a star as seen from earth
What is absolute magnitude? the brightness of a star that is calculated if all stars were the same distance from earth.
What determines how long a star will live? Its mass
A star with more mass will have a ____________ lifetime. shorter.
The first stage of a star, when nuclear fusion occurs. protostar
The most massive stars will explode - what is this called? supernova
What two things can be formed after a supernova? A black hole or a neutron star
What is the term for a small or medium size star that flares-up as it runs out of fuel? Red Giant
What two things in order will a red giant become? white dwarf then black dwarf
What is an HR diagram? a chart that compares size, temperature and brightness of stars.
What is a spectrograph? Device used to determine temperature and chemical composition of a star by breaking the light for a star into its spectrum
What is the Big Bang Theory? Theory that says the universe began with an explosion 10 - 15 billion years ago
How did our solar system form? About 5 billion years ago, a nebula collapsed to form the sun. Leftover dust became the planets
Created by: lschramme