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Pharm Chapter7


Abuse The excessive or improper use of a substance, person,or animal.
Addiction The physical or psychological dependency on a substance.
Administer To give
Bioassay The process of determining the strength and quality of a drug by testing it on an aminal or on an isolated organ.
Biologics A term used for a class of meds produced by biological processes involving recombinant DNA technology. Biologics include a wide range of medicinal products such as vaccines, blood and blood products and recombinant therapeutic proteins.
Biotechnology The biologic and engineering study of the relationship between human beings and machines.
Controlled substance A drug that has the potential for addiction and abuse(ie.opium,cocaine and narcotics, stimulants, and depressants)
Dispense To prepare and give out.
Genetic Engineering The synthesis, alteration,or repair og genetic material through the application of engineering principles.
Narcotic Produce sleep or stupor, depresses the CNS and in moderate doses, relieves pain, and produces sleep; most are habit forming
Pharmacopeia Authorized publication on drugs and their preparation. Generally refers to a book containing formulas and information and information that provides a standard for preparation and dispensation of drugs.
Practitioner One who has met the professional and legal requirements of a certain occupation or profession
Prescribe To order or recommend the use of a drug, diet, or other form of therapy.
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