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Ethics 1

Plato and Socrates

Who were the sophists? A group of speakers paid to give instruction on wisdom. They became known as being able to act wise without being wise
Socrates,Aristotle and Plato,: Who taught who? Socrates taught Plato, and Plato taught Aristotle
What is Socrates called commonly? The father of Philosophy
When and where did Socrates live? 470-399 in Athens, Greece
Did Socrates write anything down? No, his student, Plato, kept a record of his teachings
What is the name of Socrates form of teaching? Socratic method-ask a series of questions to lead the other person(s) to the point wanted
Was Socrates a politician? No, though he was very involved in the Athens city government
What was the core of Socrates' philosophy? There is an absolute standard which applied to every man. By this standard all people would be judged after death in the afterlife.
What was Socrates belief about justness (morality)? The basics of right and wrong were larger than just one person, they also applied to society.
What did Socrates believe distinguished us humans from animals? The ability to reason and question our authorities and priciples and to rule our desires
What according to Socrates was worthless? the unexmamined life
How would one know how to be just according to Socrates? All sane people had the standard inately built into them. They knew and understood how to be virtuous. The unvirtuous were insane or ignorant. No one knowingly chooses to do wrong things.
Why was Socrates arrested? On charges of impiety and corrupting the youth
Who taught Plato? Socrates
When and where did Plato live? 427-347 BC in Athens
What did Plato found? The "Academy". Accreditted as the first college in history. Founded in 380 BC
What was taught at the "Academy"? Math, Philisopy, and Science
What is the comperable terms for "just" when referring to Plato's and Aristoles' teachings? moral
What was Plato's greatest fear? People would be swung to follow the sophist view
What book did he write to combat the sophist view point? The Republic
Why was the book The Republic written? to explain why a person should be just
What was Plato's two reasons to be just according to The Republic? 1. there are rewards and punishments in the afterlife resulting from our actions here 2. for its own sake
What was the four virtures of a perfect society? wisdom, courage, moderation, justice
What is the four virtures of a perfect person? wisdom, courage, moderation, justice
What did Plato associate with happiness? justice
What did Plato believe was the highest good for man? reason
What characteristics did Plato associate with the world of senses? unreal, fleeting, untrustworthy, evil
Why was reason the highest good for man? it was through reason you accessed the real world of ideas
What did Plato beleive happened when a person died? they were released from their body and from this world into a pure good one where they can study the true meanings and ideas. This was the reward of the just man
What was the name of the two worlds that Plato beleived existed? the World of Becoming and the World of Being
What was the world of Being? the true reality, a place of pure ideas. A world of forms
How did one access the World of Being? through reason and thought
What was the world of Becoming? This World, where everything is removed from reality.
What is a form according to Plato? The real thing from which we see shadows. The pure idea of something.
What happenes when a form in manifested? It is no longer reality because it can be seen, touched, tastes, felt, or smelt. It is an example of the form or idea
When were forms created? they never were, they existed before man and will after
What are the necessary qualities of forms? eternal, unchanging, unmoving, idivisible
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