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Neuro I

Neuroscience I- Exam I

Which lobe/gyrus lies caudal to the central sulcus? Parietal lobe/postcentral gyrus
Which lobe/gyrus lies rostral to the central sulcus? Frontal lobe/precentral gyrus
What lies caudal to the precentral sulcus? Precentral sulcus
What lies rostral to the postcentral sulcus? Postcentral gyrus
Inferior to the lateral fissure/sulcus lies the ? Temporal lobe (superior temporal gyrus
________to the lateral fissure lies the inferior frontal gyrus. Superior/dorsal
The central sulcus (of Rolando) runs from the ___________ border of the hemisphere near its midpoint obliquely downward and forward until it meets the _________. superior/dorsal; lateral sulcus (is separated from posterior ramus of lateral sulcus by a narrow bridge of cortex)
The frontal lobe is ________to the central sulcus and superior to the ________sulcus anterior/rostral; lateral
The _______ lobe extends from the central sulcus to the parieto-occiptal fissure and on the lateral surface is separated from the __________caudally by an imaginary line projecting from the horizontal portion of the lateral fissure to the middle of the li parietal; temporal lobe or occiptal
Caudal to the postcentral sulcus is the ______sulcus. The sulcus extends horizontally across the parietal lobe. It divides the parietal lobe into _________ and ________ lobules. intraparietal; superior-parietal; inferior
From the medial surface
The cingulate gyrus is ________ to the corpus callosum. superior/dorsal
Dorsal to the cingulate gyrus is the ______ lobule which is the medial extension of the pre and post central gyri. paracentral
The corpus callosum is ________ the septum pellucidum. superior/dorsal
At the _________ border of the septum pellucidum lies the fornix. inferior/ventral (could be posterior)
At the inferior border of the septum pellucidum is the C shaped fiber bundle, called the ________ that connects the temporal lobe and the midbrain. fornix
Immediately __________ to the midbrain is the pons caudal/inferior
Immediately rostral to the medulla is the pons.
The occipital lobe occupies all of the hemisphere ________ to the _________ fissure. caudal/posterior; parieto-occipital
The occipital lobe is divided by the _______fissure (sulcus). On the dorsal "bank" of this fissure lies the _________ and on the ventral "bank" lies the __________. calcarine; cuneus; lingual gyrus
Ventral to the corpus callosum is the _______, a thin partition that separates the two lateral ventricles. septum pellucidum
Rostral to the anterior extent of the fornix is a small bundle of fibers, the __________, that connects the two temporal lobes and olfactory structures of both hemispheres. anterior commissure
Chapter 8
__________ fasciculus is a part of the core language circuit that connects Broca's area (located in the ________ gyrus) and the ___________ area of the dominant hemisphere. Arcuate fasciculus (bundle of nerve fibers); inferior frontal; Wernicke
The primary somesthetic (general sensory, somatosensory) area is in the ________ gyrus of the ________ lobe on the __________ cerebral surfaces and _________ part of the paracentral lobule on the _______ surface of each hemisphere. postcentral; parietal; lateral; posterior; paracentral; medial
The primary visual area is located mainly ___________ and __________ to the calcarine sulcus/fissure on the _________ surface of the occipital lobe. posterior, (dorsal/ventral); inferior; medial
Primary auditory area is also called _________ located in the __________________. Heschells gyrus; inferior wall of the lateral sulcus
Broca's area is ______________ to the precentral gyrus. This specific area of the precentral gyrus contains what part of the motor homunculus? _______ inferior/anterior/rostral; face
Primary motor cortex is found on the _________ and ________ surfaces of the _________ lobe in the _________gyrus, _________ to the central sulcus. lateral; superomedial; frontal; precentral; anterior
The ___________ and _________ tracts originate in the precentral gyrus of the frontal lobe. This gyrus is rostral to the _________. corticospinal and corticobulbar; central sulcus
The face representation on the motor cortex is more _________ than the representation for the upper and lower extremities. lateral
In the motor homunculus, the feet and legs lie in the ________ fissure on the ______ surface of the cerebrum longitudinal; medial
The premotor area is in the lateral surface of the frontal lobe just anterior/rostral to the _____________ area. primary motor area
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