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Speech 2.2

Chapter 2 Part 2- Copyright guidelines and Plagerism

What is the fair use provision? it states the fair use of published works, including reproduction, for use as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching (including multiple copies), scholarship, or research is not an infringement on the law
What character of use if not an infringement of the copyright law? intended use id personal, educational,non profit, criticism, commentary, or parody
What nature of the work is not an infringement of the copyright law? Use os published work to report facts
What naure of the work IS an infingement of the copyright law? use of unpublished, creative work without permission
What amount of the work is usuable without infringing on the law? Noncommercial use of a little or substancial amount of the work. Line limits are enforced on commercial use without permission.
What effect on the marketablility IS an infringement of copyright law if the use I plan were widespread? All work that dimishes the marketability of the original work IS a violation. This especially applies to distance learning material and work that is kept in an electronic data base.
What is plagerism? literary (artistic or musical) theft; the false assuption of ownership
What is intentional plagerism? Knowingly present another's work as your own
What is unintentional plagerism? careless paraphrasing and citing of source material such that improper or misleading citing is given
How do you avoid plagerism? Take clear and consistant notes; record complete source citation; clearly inidcate in your speech any words,ideas, examples, or organizational structures that are not your own; use your own words, language style, and thought structure when paraphrasing; w
Created by: jriley20