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Digital Citizenship


AVATAR A graphic (picture, image) that you use to represent yourself on the Internet
DIGITAL FOOTPRINT All the info online about a person either posted by that person or by others
FAIR USE The idea that copyright may be quoted without the need for permission or payment if a citation is provided
FIREWALL Hardware or software that blocks or filters certain types of network traffic from reaching your computer
INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY Art, books, inventions, magazines, movies, music, performances, reports, software, and stories created by you or others
LISTSERVE An online list that allows users to send e-mail to one address, where messages are then copied and sent to all of the people on the list
MALWARE Stands for malicious software or code, which includes any harmful code--trojans, worms spyware, adware, etc.--that is designed to damage the computer or collect information
NETIQUETTE Courtesy, honesty, and polite behavior practed on the Internet
OPEN SOURCE Programming code with limited or no copyright restrictions, allowing you to legally modify and share the software program
PHISHING A con game that scammers use to collect personal info from unsuspecting users
SPYWARE Software that goes on your computer without your knowledge and steals private info
WORM A type of virus that replicates itself, but does not change any files on your machine; they can, however, multiply so many times that they take up all your computer's available memory
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