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Speech 1.1

Chapter 1 Part 1- Benefits, Definitions and Levels of Communication

What is the personal benefit of mastering public speaking? 1) Skills are transferable to other areas of work, school and life2) An active way of learning3) Builds confidence
What are the professional benefits of mastering public speaking? 1) being able to speak well in public is rated a very desirable job skill
What are the public benefits of mastering public speaking? 1) important part of keeping the public informed
Who is the interpreter? the person who is communicating, either speaker or listener
What is the symbol? anything to which people attach meaning A police officer's uniform or freedom of expression
What is the referent? the object or idea for which the symbol stands
What are the five levels of communication? intrapersonal, interpersonal, group, public, mass
What is intrapersonal communication? Communication with yourself, not just outloud. This is done everywaking moment of our lives
What is interpersonal (or dyadic) communication? Communication that involves ourself and one other person
What is group communication? When three or more people are communicating. Must have a sense of cohesion with everyone. A study group
What is public communication? one person speaks face to face with an audience. Mostly one directional communicating, from speaker to listeners A classroom speech
What is mass communication? The audience is so large that other means of retransmitting the communication must be used, like television, newpaper, or radio advertisements, political party conventions
What does the triangle of meaning show? How messages are communicated
Created by: jriley20