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Clin Path I

Quiz #1 - Urinalysis

Urine "Coca-Cola" colored Acute Glomerulonephritis
Urine odor causes: Ammonia Old sample, retention
Urine odor causes: Fruity Ketones - diabetes is common
Urine odor causes: Stale Water Kidney disease
Urine odor causes: Foul Bacterial Infection
Urine Normal and Abnormal: Specific Gravity N: 1.003-1.030 Ab: low - diabetes insipidus, high - diabetes mellitus, fixed (1.010) - kidney disease
Urine Normal and Abnormal: pH N: 4.5 - 8 Ab: low - fever and high protein, high - UTI
Urine Normal and Abnormal: protein normally none, possible renal disease if present, sensitive to albumin - Also, orthostatic proteinuria
Urine Normal and Abnormal: Glucose renal threshold: 180 mg/ml
Urine Normal and Abnormal: Ketones N: none Ab: Diabetes Mellitus *type I*
Urine Normal and Abnormal: Blood N: none Ab: Vitamin C possible false negative
Urine Normal and Abnormal: Leukocyte esterase positive indicates presence of inflammatory disease
Urine Normal and Abnormal: Nitrite Ab: gram negative bacteria that can reduce nitrate, 4 hours of retention needed
Urine Normal and Abnormal: Bilirubin Presence indicates liver disease or biliary obstruction, only *conjugated* bilirubin in urine
Urine Normal and Abnormal: Urobilinogen Increased amounts due to hemolytic anemias and liver dysfunction; rapidly oxidizes in air
Urine Microscopy: Hematuria significant: 3 RBC/high power field *painless hematuria is bad* Smoking hx: bladder cancer
Urine Normal and Abnormal: Pyuria UTI, others
Urine Normal and Abnormal: Casts - Hyaline - Waxy - RBC - WBC Hyaline - strenuous exercise Waxy - advanced kidney failure *RBC - acute glomerulonephritis *WBC - acute pyelonephritis
Urine Normal and Abnormal: Crystals - acidic - alkaline normal in acidic: calcium oxalate normal in alkaline: amorphous phosphates
Urine Normal and Abnormal: yeast differentiate from RBCs
Created by: dwagnerchiro