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The Chosen

English Literature

Yiddish A language spoken by Jews since the Middle Ages .Its components are Hebrew, German, and Slavic.
Assimilationist One who adopts the practice of a prevailing culture.
fanatic Rigorous beleiever
Talmud In Hebrew, the word for "teachings". Applied to the collection of academic discussions and judicial administration of Jewish law written by generations of scholars over hundreds of years.
Apikorsim An unbeliever or skeptic. One who does not adhere to Jewish religious belief or practice.
Rabbi Religious leader and the head of a congregation
Cossacks Polish soldiers, who under the leadership of Chmielnicki, annihilated hundreds of Jewish communities in 1648, killing hundreds if thousands of people
Tallit Hebrew prayer shawl worn by adult males
Tefflin two small black boxes fastened to leather straps, containing parts of the Torah and worn during the morning prayer.
Shofar Ram's horn blown at various religious services
The Kaballah Book of Jewish Mystics
tzaddik According to Hasisism, a pious leader who is the intermediary between God and ma, the "soul of the World"
Torah The written law given to Moses at Mount Sinai, including the Talmud and related commentaries
Gematriya A method of interpreting a biblical word based on the numerical value of its letters in the Hebrew alphabet
Misnaged Opponents if the Hasidism movement who criticize belief in the tzaddik
Teresienstadt The name of a German concentration camp
Goyim The Hebrew word for non-Jews
Zionism The movement to secure the return of the Jewish people to Palestine
Bar Mitzvah The ceremony marking the initiation of a 13 year old boy into adulthood and the Jewish religious community
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