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Speech 1.2

Chapter 1 Part 2- Elements of Communication

Who is the listener the person(s) recieving and decoding the message
What is the message? The ideas communicated
What is the channel or medium? The way the message is sent or by what means In public speaking, tone, voice quality and changes, and visual elements are some mediums or channels
What is the two parts of environment? 1) the occasion during which the communication takes place2) the physical place the communication takes place 1) a wedding 2) A church basement
What is noise Anything that distracts from effective communication
What kinds of noise is there? 1) physical 2) physiological 3) psychological
What is physical noise? Noise that occurs in the physical environment hot/cold, sound, lights, smell
What is physiological noise? Noise that originates from the communicator's body illness, hunger
What is psychological noise? Mental distractions from the communicator worry, fear, joy, daydreaming
What is communication? meaning by sharing and receiving symbolic ques
Where does meaning of words lie? In the interpretation people make
What percentages of communication is verbal and non verbal 70% non verbal30% verbal
What is feedback? All verbal and non verbal messages sent by the listener to the speaker looks of boredom, laughing
What is the job of public speakers? To try to keep their listener's attention by minimizing distractions, lively physical motions, or variations of rate, volume, and pitch-don't be a monotones statue
Who is the speaker? the one who encodes the message in words and symbols
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