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Spanish II Vocab

Stack #148079

Agosto August
Descansar to rest
aprender to learn
ya se I already know that
llevar to take or carry
Desayunar to eat breakfast
Almorzar to eat lunch
Cenar to eat dinner
Poner to put
Traer to bring
Dar to give
No seas tan malo(mala dont be so bad
buscar to look for
regresar to return
llegar to arrive
mirar to look at
lugubre gloomy
no tengo idea i dont have a clue
pensar to plan to think
pedir (i) to ask, order
seguir (i) - yo sigo to continue, follow
encontrar (ue) to meet, to find
cerrar (ie) to close
abrir to open
sentir (ie) to feel (emotion)
decir( i) yo digo to say/tell
perder (ie) to lose (a game) or you lost something
esperar to hope or to wait for
conseguor to get, detain
domir (ue) to sleep
volver (ue) to return
no me digas (eso) you dont say
poder (ue) to be able to
recordar (ue) to remember
mentir (ie) to lie
costar (ue) used in 3rd singular/plural to cost
empezar to begin
morir (ue) to die
me muero del hambre im dying of hunger
contrar to count
servir (i) to serve
sentar (ie) to sit
recomendar (ie) to recommend
divertirse (ie) to have a good time
probar (ue) to try out, to test
demostrar (ue) to show
mostrar (ue) to show
despedirse (i) to say goodbye
impedir (i)
saber to know (a fact or how to do something)
conocer to know ( a person or be familiar with)
nevar (ie) to snow
llover (ue) to rain
tronar (ue) to thunder
me equivocarse im mistaken
hace viento its windy
hace fresco its cool
hace frio its cold
lo siento mucho im very sorry
esta nublando its cloudy
esta soleado its sunny
hay tormento there is a storm
lloviznar to sprinkle
esta despejado clear
hay nubes there is a cloud
que tiempo hace? what is the weather like
hace buen tiempo its nice outside
hace sol its sunny
hace calor its hot
esta humido its humid
hay granizo theres hai;
hay niebla there is fog, mist
hay neblina there is mist
hacer un mandado to run a errand
hacer la cama make the bed
hacer las malaetas to pack the suitcases
hacer la vista to go visit
hacer la tarea / los deberes to do homework
hacer un viaje to go traveling
hacer las compras to go shopping
liviano light
pesado heavy
vieje , antiguo old, antique
facil easy
dificil difficult, hard
nuevo new
duro hard
suave smooth
breve brief
largo long
corto short
amable kind
feliz happy
comodo comfortable
intersante interesting
paciente patient
codo/tocano stingy
generoso generous
adventuroso adventurous
vailente brave
flojo,perezoso lazy
trabajadota hard worker
casado married
soltero single
el equipo the team
el partido the game
el videojuego the video game
el juguete the toy
hacer la mesa to make the table
la cara face
los ojos the eyes
las orejas the ears
la boca the mouth
los labios the lips
los dientes the teeth
la lengua the tongue
la nariz the nise
la frente the forhead
la cabeza the head
la garganta the throat
El hombro the shoulder
El pecho the chest
El estomago the stomach
la mana hand
los dedos the fingers
las unas the nails
el pie the foot
El cabello/pelo the hair
La espalda the back
pagar to pay
sacar to get good grades/ to take
abrazar to hug
ayer yesterday
anoche last night
el ano pasado last year
jueves pasado last thursday
la semana pasada last week
el sabado(dia de la semana) last saturday
pasado last
el mes pesado last month
hace 5 dias five days
hace 2 anos 2 days ago
ayer por la manana yesterday morning
morado purple
rosa pink
anaranjado orange
pardo/cafe brown
blanco white
negro black
azul blue
banarse to take a bath
ducharse to take a shower
irse to go away
pintarse/maquillarse to put on make up
levantarse to get up
despertarse to wake up
domirse to fall asleep
Vestire(i) to get dressed
ponerse to put on
Quitarse to take off
Quedarse to stay or to remain
Darse prisa hurry up
cepillarse to brush
divtertirse to enjoy
Created by: Chippy
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