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8 cues that people notice and I possess skills

Eye Contact This is an indicator of position and reflects a sense of self confidence.Goes with the rules of your culture
Posture Serves as an indicator of position. It's also important to lean slightly in toward the person I'm greeting. That conveys I am a warm and caring person.
Firm Handshake Be sure to grip firmly, putting your thumb firmly around the other persons hand.
Dress and Grooming Dress is a disguise! Also keeping your appearance up is important as well.
Facial Expressions Are you happy? Then Smile and let the world know it.Really successful companies have learned to to hire nice people.
Tone of voice and word selection I want to convey with my vocal sounds that I am a warm and caring person, but also, that I know what I'm talking about.
Level of relaxation/stress If you are up-tight and stressed that will come through to people, act as though you have been walking up and greeting people your whole life.
Energy Level Have a sense of "being alive" about you. you need to be able to show that you are awake alert and ready to go
Emotional intelligence Scale I POSSESS
Interpersonal Skills This scale combines empathy and social skills
Persistence the ability to stick with something
Optimism the ability to be positive in the face of adversity or struggle
Self-Awareness the ability to understand who you really are
Self-control The ability to control your impulses and urges to do something
empathy the ability to feel what others feel
Social Skills the ability to interact with others in a positive, successful way
self motivation the ability to tell yourself what to do, rather then having to have someone else tell you what to do
Created by: Jammer7