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mrs.pratts 4th grade gt class

reflection the bouncing of light off an object
refraction the change of direction of light because of a medium
absortion when a color goes into something and does not bounce back
transparent All light passes through an object
translucent Some light passes through a object
opaque No light passes through an object
light a form of energy
cornea the outside layer
sclera the white covering
pupil lets in light
lens focuses light
muscle opens up in dim light closes in bright light
iris attracts light
focal point light enter a curved glass at different angles then come together at the focal point
tapetum protects retina in nocturnel animals
retina upside down image here
ultra-violet light very fast light that can cause a sunburn
infrared light very slow light that gives off heat and is visible to some animals such as a Pit Viper
wavelengths measurement from Crest to Crest or trough to trough
eyelid a piece of skin that covers your eye
vitreaous humor transparent jelly of salts and protien
eyelashes hair that protects your eye
tearduct pink part closest to middle where tears come from
optic nerve sends picture to brain
electricity a form of energy
insulator does not let electricity through
conductor let's electricity through
electro magnet a magnet you can turn on and off
closed circuit complete circuit
open circuit not complete circuit
series circuit a circuit so that if one bulb goes out all of them do
parallel circuit a circuit so that if one bulb goes out the others don't