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Weather and climate

Weather and climate Exam 1

Which of the following words is derived from the Greek term meaning "anything that fell from or was seen in sky"? meteorology
Roughly how many of the 100,000 thunderstorms that the United States experiences each year reach the status of "severe" as defined by the National Weather Service? 10,000
Which meteorological phenomenon, in an average year, is responsible for the most number of fatalities in the United States? Heat Waves
Match the following constituents with their percentage (by volume) in the dry atmosphere Nitrogen: 78.08Oxygen: 20.95argon: .93ozone: .0000004carbon dioxide: .037
Which constituent of the Earth's atmosphere is most important from a meteorological perspective? water vapor
Which chemical element, released from chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) once exposed to very cold temperatures, is responsible for the depletion of ozone in the stratosphere? chlorhine
Nearly 99% of the mass of Earth's atmosphere lies with ______ km of the surface. 30
Which gas is a photoreceptor of lethal uv solar radiation, preventing it from reaching the Earth's surface. ozone
Temperature is a form of Kinetic Energy true
Air is a good conductor of heat. false
During the winter solstice, every location in the Northern Hemisphere will have ________ twelve hours of daylight. less than
The energy associated with an object by virtue of its position with respect to height is called ___________. potential energy
The horizontal transfer of heat by the mass movement or circulation of air is called _____________. advection
As the wavelength radiation increases, the amount of energy it carries: decreases
The earth's atmosphere has the characteristics of a blackbody. false
The "Atmospheric Window" represents wavelengths ___________ that allows the earth to cool at night through radiational cooling. b/t 8 and 12 microns
The condition of the atmosphere at a specific time and place is the definition of: weather
Which state has had the most “Billion Dollar Weather Disasters” over the last 25 years? north carolina
Which gas occupies roughly 20% of the volume of the dry atmosphere? oxygen
Which of the following is true concerning nitrogen (N2)? a. it comprises 78.08% of the volume of the dry atmosphereb. it is a permanent gasc. it is of little importance to weatherd. all of the above (correct)
Which of the following is true concerning water vapor (H2O)? a. it is a variable gasb. it is a Greenhouse gasc. it is the most meteorologically important gasd. all of the above (correct)
Which gas is a photo-receptor of harmful ultraviolet solar radiation? ozone
Within the troposphere the temperature normally: a. remains constant as height increases (ΔT/ΔZ = 0)
The depth of the troposphere is usually greatest during over regions. a. summer; tropical
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