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HS 4 Board Words

Board Words

Deteriorate the gradual worsening for a conditioning
Assessment an evaluation or appraisal of a condition
Diagnosis identification of a disease or condition by a scientific evaluation
Theraputic beneficial to treatment
Aspiration drawing in or out by suction
Nosocomial infection pertaining to hospital
Congenital present at birth
Etiology study of all factors that may be involved with the disease
Expectorate the ejection of mucus
Micturitian urination
Rehabilitation restoration of an individual or part to normal
Remission the partial or complete disappearance of clinical chronic disease
Metastasize process by which tumor cells spread to distant parts of the body
Prognosis a prediction of the probable outcome of the disease
Neoplasm any abnormal growth of new tissue
Tachypnea rapid breathing
Dementia progressive irreversible decline of mental function
Subluxation incomplete dislocation of a joint
Exacerbation worsening of symptoms
Syncope brief loss in consciousness
Chronic persisting for a long period of time
Acute sudden onset
Equilibrium a state of balance
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