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Medical Doses Harley

What is absorption? Process where a drug is taken up from the site of administration and is transported to the blood stream.
What is the process where a drug, once in the bloodstream, is delivered to specific organs and tissues in the body? Distribution
Therapeutic incompatibility is_____? When the effectiveness of two drugs is decreased when given together.
What is an anaphylactic reaction? A severe adverse reaction to the administration of a drug.
Pharmacology is the study of what? Drugs and their interactions with the human body to produce therapeutic effects.
A drug is? A substance intended for use in the diagnosis, cure, mitigation, treatment, or prevention of disease in human beings or animals.
Tablets, pills, lozenges, powders,and suppositories are examples of what kind of dosage form? Solid dosage
What can be hard or have a gummy consistency? Troches
Elixirs are? Clear, sweet combinations of water and alcohol that are intended for oral use.
Ointments are good for what? Dry skin or areas that need protection
Metered dose inhalers, nebulizers, nasal sprays and spacers are examples of? Administration devices
Infusion pumps deliver_______ medication at a specific rate. Parenteral
What usually enhances excretion and inactivation of a drug? Metabolism
What is the percentage or fraction of the administered dose of a drug that actually reaches systematic circulation? Bioavailability
What is cross sensitivity? Allergy to drugs that are chemically similar
Dietary Supplements are not regulated by the FDA because _________? The suppliers do not make therapeutic claims.
What kind of dosage form is designed to be easily chewed and then swallowed? Chewable tablets
What kind of tablets have a special coating that delays the release of medication until the tablet is int he intestinal tract to lessen stomach irritation? Enteric-coated
Suppositories are designed to be inserted where? A body cavity
What is prepared to be the complete dissolution of medication(s) in a suitable liquid? Solutions
Fluid Extracts and Tinctures contain _______? Plant extracts as the active ingredient in water and/or alcohol.
What are parenteral medications? Sterile products administered by injection or infusion in order to bypass the gastrointestinal tract.
Ointments, creams, lotions and pastes are examples of what? Semi-solid dosage form
What are three drug interactions? With food and beverage, with dietary supplements, with other drugs
What can chewing gum be used for? To deliver medication to the oral cavity or systematically if the medication is absorbed through the oral mucosa.
Created by: marriedtomycat