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Test #1

Define Oceanography description of marine envrionment
How much of the Earth's water is found in the oceans? 97.2
What is the oldest, deepest, and largest of the four/five ocean basins? Pacific
Which ocean is the second in size and depth? Atlantic
The deepest part of the ocean is the... Mariano
The highest point on the land surface is... Mt. Everest
Who sailed the SW Pacific to Hawaii? Polynesian
What was the extent of the earliest European sailors extent of their ocean trouble? phonecians
Who drew the first map of the world in 150 A.S? Ptolemy
Who discovered America and when? Leif Erikson in 995 A.D
What was the purpose of the "Age of Discovery" in Europe 1492-1522? To search for new Eastern trade routs by sea and gold
Who is to be considered as the father of Oceanography by many, and mapped many islands in the pacific? Ct. James Cook
The marine chronograph needed to measure______was not deverloped until the late 1700s. longitude
Define: Hypothesis Educated guesses
Define: Theory Well tested hypothesis to which most people agree
What is the name of the current accepted idea of how the solar system was formed? Nebular Hypothesis
What are two sources of heat in the center of the Earth today? Radioactive Decay and heat from elusion of particles
How is earth divided based on chemical composition? Crest, Manta and Core
One type of lithosphere is made up of oceanic crust under the ocean basins, composed of _____ (type of igneous rock), is relatively _____ density, made of _____ and _______ basalt, high, olive, pyroxine
Isostatic adjustment results in continental crust _____, while oceanic crust _______. floating, sinks
The ocean originated about 4 billion years ago, from _______ and _____. outgassing of volcano and ice comets
Earliest life forms are found as fossilized ____ with an age of about 3.5 billion years. algae
The 2 major type of life forms are heterotrophic, meaning animals and plants ______. And Autotrophic meaning _______. can not produce own food & Algae and plants create food.
All organisms undergo respiration, while only autotrophs can _____. Photosynthesis
Photosynthetic organisms release _______ into the atmosphere. oxygen
The age of the earth and solar system is through to be about __ billion years. 4
What is the hot, soft, more fluid material beneath the plates called? esthesosphere
What geographic example does Dr. Atwater use to illustrate earthquakes and volcanoes? Andes in South America
How long has India been colliding with Asia? 40 million yrs.
Which tectonic plate does L.A lie? Pacific
Which tectonic plate does San Francisco lie? North American
Transform Boundaries are characterized by ____ shallow earthquakes
Example of the continental transformation boundary is ____ San Andreas Fault
Example of a geographic hotspot is ____ ____ and ____ Hawaii, Yellowstone and Iceland
What is a volcano on the ocean floor? Seamount
What is a flat-topped volcano on the ocean floor caused by wave action? guyot
There are two stages an atoll goes through. One is the ____ when the coral reef surrounds the volcanic island. When a lagoon develops between and island and the reef it is called ____. Fringing, Barrier
The Wilson cycle describes the evolution of ocean basins and includes ____, ______ and ______. Formation, Growth and Distruction
The first continent was called _____ and the ocean _____ by Alfred Weger Pangea, panthalessa
The single continent existed ___ million years ago. 200
The four main pieces of evidence to support the continental drift theory are: _____, ______, _____ and ______ fit of continent, continental mountain belts, glaciers and fossils
Divergent boundaries are characterized by the plates moving ____ and the plate material is being created and ____ earthquakes. apart, shallow
Some examples of divergent boundaries are _____, _____ and ____ East African rift valleys, red sea/Gulf of CA and Mid-Atlantic ridge
When the oceanic rises are fast spreading, with gentle slopes...and example is _____. East Pacific rise
When the oceanic rises are slow spreading with a steep slope, an example is ____. Mid-Atlantic ridge
Convergent boundaries are where plates move _____. They are characterized by shallow to deep earthquakes toward each other
And example of oceanic-continental convergence is ____ Andres or cascades
An example oceanic-oceanic convergence is ______ Indonesia, Japan, Allusian Islands
An example of continental - continental convergence is ____ Himmulas, Alps
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