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what is antivert treats menieres disease which is a problem with middle ear
benadryl (3) prototype used to treat mild allergic symptoms puritis -treats hipnotic, anti-parksinson drug and motion sickness -idiosyncractic
dramamine motion sickness admin 30 before use
pepcid and axid 1x/day irregardless of food
tagament 4x/day w/ food -if antAcids given 1 hr before or 2 hrs after
histamine def natural occurring substance in body and is produced and released in response to an allergic reaction or tissue injury
use of histamine (1) test for achlohydria
achlorhydria def absense of hydrochlroic acid in the stomach
side effects of histamine (4) hypotension weals/hives itching rhinitis
histamine prep&drugs (2) histmine phosphate histalog
h2 inhibitors action GI receptor action @ h2 receptor sites of stomach, reducing the secretion of gastric acid uses
intal antiallergic agent uses (2) prophylactic mgmt of bronchal asthma prevents asthma attack and bronchospasms
tigan antiemetic
rhinitis nasal congestion
define GERD gastro esophageal reflux disease
anaphylaxis def systemic occurrence where onset is usually indictated by generalized itching and tingling sensation and feeling of apprehension
claritin (5) treats allergic rhinitis nonsedating intervention - take on empty stomach high doses associated with serious cardiac arrhythmia's not prescribed with antibiotics
histamine action (7) 1) contracts smooth muscle - bronchii and GI tract 2) acts on capillary to cause vasodilation followed by hypotension 3) angioedema 4) anaphylaxis 5) purpura 6) pruritis 7) stimulates gastric secretions
angioedema def swelling d/t plasma leakage and BV dilation in skin or mucus membrane causing urticaria
urticaria def weals/hives
antihistamine (2) H1: acts principally on BV and Bronchols H2: acts mainly on receptors in GI Tract antihistamine works against H1 receptor antagonist
define NSAIDs Non Steroid Anti Inflammatory Drug
define Basophils WBC that are phagocytic
define purpura red spots on skin
define prostatic hypertrophy overgrowth of tissue of prostate gland
define pruritis itch that can occur b/c histamine stimulates nerve endings
define antiemetic prevents vomitting and nausea
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