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option 2

Is the first step in The Core Learning System Collecting Knowledge. True/False True
Will Reading be one of the most important skills you can have for a successful college career. True/False True
What does Mindless Reading Mean? Mindless Reading is the act of running your eyes over a page only to realize you don't recall a thing you read.
What does Active Reading Mean? Active Reading is characterized by intense mental engagement in what you are reading.
In the pursuit of a four year degree, students spend nearly 700 hours in a formal classroom. True/ False False
Is 45% of what we learn what we lose in a twenty four hour period. True/False False
you can pass tests if you are studying only 11% of the important ideas in a course? True/ False False
As with all reading ,the goal of note-taking is collecting key concepts, main ideas, and supporting details. True/False True
First is ______ ________ relating new information to what you already know. Prior Learning
Second is the ________ of____________ creating many different kinds of deep-processing strategies. Quality of processing
Third is the __________ of ____________ using frequent practice sessions of sufficient length distributed over time. Quantity of processing
To strengthen neural networks , use many different kinds of __________ strategies and distribute these efforts over time. Rehearsal
However, ____________ ________________ will better serve your learning goals in college. Elaborative Rehearsal
By contrast, ________ ___________ is more about remembering then understanding. Rote Rehearsal
What does the C in the CORE Learning System stand for? A. College B. Collected C. Cognitive B.Collected
What does the O in the CORE Learning System stand for? A. Organized B. Obligation C. Options A. Organized
What does the R in the CORE Learning System stand for? A. Reading B. Regulate C. Rehearsed C. Rehearsed
What does the E in the CORE Learning System stand for? A. Evaluated B. Enough C. Educate A. Evaluated
Which answer is NOT a goal of the four steps of the writing process? A. To inform your intended audience. B. To bore your intended audience. C. To entertain your intended audience. B. To bore your intended audience.
Which answer is not one of the four components of the writing process? A. Writing B. Procrastinating C. Revising B. Procrastinating
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