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RADT 465 Pt Care

ARRT registry review covering patient care and education

Administration of contrast agents for radiographic demonstration of the spinal canal is performed by which route? Subcutaneous (Alder and Carlton, 4th ed., p. 307)
What is the mechanical device used to correct ineffectual cardiac rhythm? Defibrillator (Torres et al., 6th ed., pp. 173-175)
Accidental injection of medication or contrast medium into tissue around a vein is termed what? Extravasation (Alder and Carlton, 4th ed., p. 322)
The legal doctrine respondeat superior means what? Let the master answer (Gurley and Callaway, 6th ed., p. 200)
A quantity of medication introduced intravenously over a period of time is termed what? Infusion (Alder and Carlton, 4th ed., p. 316)
In which stage of infection do the infective microbes begin to multiply? Incubation period ((Torres et al., 6th ed., p. 56)
A patient suffering from orthopnea would experience the least discomfort in which body position? Erect (Taber, 20th ed., p. 1535)
A cathartic is used to do what? Stimulate defecation (Torres et al., 6th ed., p. 283)
What is the needle angle usually recommended for intramuscular injections? 90 degrees (Adler and Carlton 4th ed., pp. 313-316)
The type of shock often associated with pulmonary embolism or myocardial infarction is classified as what? Cardiogenic shock (Adler and Carlton, 4th ed., p. 278)
A Swan-Ganz catheter is what? An IV cathether (Alder and Carlton, 4th ed., p. 214)
The most effective method of sterilization is what? Moist heat (Torrest et al., 6th ed., pp. 116-117)
What is the condition in which pulmonary alveoli lose their elasticity and become permanently inflated causing the patient to consciously exhale Emphysema (Bontrager and Lampignano, 6th ed., p. 92)
Particulate matter entering the respiratory bronchi can cause what pathology? Pneumoconiosis (Bontrager and Lampignano 6th ed., p. 556)
The pain experienced by an individual whose coronary attires are not conveying sufficient blood to the heart is called? Angina pectoris (Adler and Carlton, 4th ed., p. 290)
An inanimate object that has been in contact with an infectious microorganism is termed what? Fomite (Torres et al., 6th ed., p. 54)
What is the medical term for hives? Urticaria (Alder and Carlton, 4th ed., p. 286)
Which ethnical principle is related to sincerity and truthfulness? Veracity ((Adler and Carlton, 4th ed., p. 253)
The medical term for congenital club foot is what? Talipes (Frank et al., 11th ed., vol. 1, p. 273)
The diameter of a needle's lumen is referred to as its what? Gauge (Adler and Carlton, 4th ed., p. 308)
Nitroglycerin is used for what? To relieve pain from angina pectoris (Torres et al., 6th ed., p. 280)
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