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RADT 465: Pat. Care

ARRT Registry Review

A radiographer who discloses confidential patient information to unauthorized individuals can be found guilty of: B. invasion of privacy (Adler and Carlton, 4th ed., pp. 374-375)
An iatrogenic infection is one caused by A. physician intervention (Adler and Carlton, 4th ed., pp. 226-227)
Which of the following drugs is used to treat dysrhythmias? B. Lidocaine (Adler and Carlton, 4th ed., p. 304)
In classifying IV contrast agents, the total number of dissolved particles in solution per kilogram of water defines A. osmolality (Adler and Carlton, 4th ed., p. 331)
Which of the following is a violation of correct sterile technique? C. Persons in sterile dress should pass each other face to face (Adler and Carlton, 4th ed., p. 247)
A quantity of medication introduced intravenously over a period of time is termed B. an infusion (Adler and Carlton, 4th ed., p. 316)
In which stage of infection do the infective microbes begin to multiply? B. incubation period (Torres et al., 6th ed., p. 56)
Hirschprung disease, or congenital mega-colon, is related to which of the following age groups? A. Neonate (Bontrager and Lampignano, 6th ed., p. 660)
Which of the following statements is correct with regard to assisting a patient from a wheelchair to an x-ray table? D. The patient's stronger side should be closer to the x-ray table (Adler and Carlton, 4th ed., p. 169)
The type of shock often associated with pulmonary embolism or myocardial infarction is classified as B. cardiogenic (Adler and Carlton, 4th ed., p. 278)
You are working in the outpatient department and receive a patient who is complaining of pain in the right hip joint; however, the requisition asks for a left femur examination. What should you do? D. check with the referring physician (Ehrlich and Daly, 7th ed., p. 74)
In reviewing a patient's blood chemistry, which of the following blood urea nitrogen (BUN) ranges is considered normal? C. 8 to 25 mg/100mL (Bontrager and Lampignano, 6th ed,. p. 556)
A MRI procedure is contraindicated for a patient who has B. aneurysm clips (Torres et al., 6th ed., p. 363)
Which blood vessels are best suited for determination of pulse rate? A. superficial arteries (Adler and Carlton, 4th ed., p. 198)
Which ethical principle is related to sincerity and truthfulness? C. veracity (Adler and Carlton, 4th ed., p. 253)
The medical term for congenital clubfoot is C. talipes (Frank et al., 11th ed., vol. 1, p. 273)
In what order should the following examinations be performed? 1. Upper GI series 2. IVU 3. BE D. 2, 3, 1 (Torres et al., 6th ed., p. 234)
The condition that allows blood to shunt between the right and left ventricles is called D. ventricular septal defect (Taber, 20th ed., p. 2,323)
If a radiographer performed a lumbar spine examination on a patient who was supposed to have an elbow examination, which of the following charges may be brought against the radiographer? B. battery (Adler and Carlton, 4th ed., p. 374)
The medical abbreviation meaning "after meals" is D. pc (Adler and Carlton, 4th ed., p. 319)
A small container holding several doses of medication is termed B. vial (Adler and Carlton, 4th ed., p. 309)
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