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RT 296 IT for RT

TEST 2 study

Digital imaging any imaging acquisition process that produces an electronic image that can be viewed and manipulated on a computer
Soft copy images reading images on the computer without hardcopy films
Teleradiology moving images via telephone lines to and from remote locations
Computed radiography cassette based digital radiography, uses storage phosphor plates to produce projection images
Digital radiography cassette-less system that uses an xray absorber material coupled to a flat panel detector or a change-coupled device to form an image
Pixel basic picture element on a display
Brightness level of intensity of a digital image on a display monitor
Bit depth the number of bits stored per pixel, defines the shades of gray available for each pixel
Matrix rectangular or square table of numbers that represent the pixel intensity to be displayed on the monitor
Algorithm a set of steps that are followed in order to solve a mathematical problem or to complete a computer process
Exposure index the amount of exposure received by the image receptor, not the patient
LUT (look up table) reference histogram of the luminance values derived during image acquisition
What does CR require? PSP plate, reader, monitor, printer, viewing station
Indirect capture absorb xrays, converts them into light and light then converted to electrical signal that is sent to the computer for processing and viewing
Direct capture devices convert the incident xray energy directly into an electrical signal then sends to computer
CCD change couple device
TFT thin-film transistor
What does PACS stand for? Picture archival and communication systems
PACS networked group of computer servers and archives that can be used to manage digital images
What does DICOM stand for? Digital imaging and communication in medicine
DICOM a global info tech standard that allows network communication between a modality and PACS
How many bits in a byte? 8
In binary code how is the 1 produced? when the circuit is closed and current passes thru
In binary code how is the 0 produced? when no current passes because circuit is open
Name some of the computer languages? Fortran, Basic, Cobol, Pascal, C, C++, Visual C++, Basic Visual
How many shades of grey can the human eye detect? 32
Dynamic range the ability of an imaging system to respond to varying levels of exposure
Health care level 7 (HL-7) standard protocol used for medical data systems, allows for communication between HIS and RIS
Radiology info systems (RIS) info system used in rad dept for ordering exams and reporting results
Hospital info systems (HIS) info system used throughout hospital, includes direct pt care info, billing systems, and reporting systems
What is the PSP phosphor? barium fluorohalide
When should a CR cassette be erased if not used? after 24-48hrs
How long can a CR cassette hold an image? 8 hrs
What does a CR reader use to read the image? infrared laser beam
How much of the IR must be used exposed to produce an image? 30%
Noise any type of signal interference in a digital image
Annotation add text to processed image
Edge enhancement increasing brightness along edges of structures to increase the visibility of margins
Latitude range of exposure factors that will produce an acceptable image
SNR signal to noise ratio
Which is desirable to SNR, a high or low ratio? high SNR
Spatial resolution detail
contrast resolution ability of digital imaging systems to display changes in gray scale values
DQE/detective quantity efficiency measures how efficiently a system converts an xray input signal into a useful output image
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