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ARRT registry review

The exposure timer is on what side of the x-ray circuit? Primary, low voltage (Bushong, 117)
The KVP meter is on what side of the x-ray circuit? Primary, low voltage (Bushong, 117)
The minor KVP selector is on what side of the x-ray circuit? Primary, low voltage (Bushong, 117)
The exposure switch is on what side of the x-ray circuit? Primary, low voltage (Bushong, 117)
The rectifiers are on what side of the x-ray circuit? Secondary, high voltage (Bushong, 117)
The MA meter is on what side of the x-ray circuit? Secondary, high voltage(Bushong, 117)
The step down transformer is on what side of the x-ray circuit? Filament Circuit(Bushong, 117)
The MA selector is on what side of the x-ray circuit? Filameny circuit(Bushong, 117)
The focal spot selector is on what side of the x-ray circuit? Filament circuit(Bushong, 117)
A device used to convert electrical energy to mechanical energy? motor (Saia, 301)
A device used to convert mechanical energy to electrical energy? generator (Saia, 301)
The rotating anode is powered by an electromagnetic what? Two examples include? induction motor (Bushong, 127) stator and rotor (Saia, 301)
Congruence of the x-ray beam with the light field is tested using what? Radiopaque objects (Saia, 299)
Three tools used for measurement of focal spot size? pinhole camera, star pattern, and slit camera (Bushong, 308)
What is used in digital fluoroscopy, that the image-intensifier output screen is coupled with for viewing on monitor? Charge-coupled device (Saia, 303)
What is the device that directs the light emitted from the image intensifier to various viewing and image apparatus? Beam Splitter (Saia, 285)
Feature on fluoroscopy that allows the radiologist to select an image-brightness level that is subsequently maintained by varying kvp, mas, or both? Automatic brightness control (Bushong, 632)
What is the inverse sq law? Intensity one over Intensity two, equals distance two squared over distance one squared (bushong, 66)
X-rays that pass through the patient and interact with the image recepter? Remnant radiation (bushong, 645)
Radiation quality is refered to as? KVP (bushong, 245)
Radiation quantity is refered to as? MAS (bushong, 245)
What is the release of electrons from a heated filament? Thermionic emission (bushong, 106)
The number of wavelengths that pass a point of observation per second? Frequency (bushong, 58)
X-ray tube current is controlled through what? filament circuit (bushong, 106)
The device that has a single winding and is designed to supple voltage to the filament circuit and to the high voltage circuit is known as? autotransformer (bushong, 104)
The electronic device that allows current to flow in one direction is known as? rectifier (bushong, 110)
What is the ratio of the sq of the diameter of the input phosphor to the sq of the diameter of the output phosphor? Minification gain (bushong, 351)
What is the ratio of the number of light photons at the output phosphor to the number of x-rays at the input phosphor? Flux gain (bushong, 351)
When an electron approaching a positive nuclear charge changes direction and loses energy? Bremmstrahlung (Saia, 283)
When an incident electron ejects a k-shell electron, and the L-shell drops into its place is known as? Characteristic radiation (sais, 303).
When a high speed electron is attracted to the positive nucleus, it decelerates and is slowed? Bremmstrahlung (saia 284)
What is the device used to change alternating current to a unidirectional current? Solid state diode (Saia, 287)
What are the rectifiers used in todays equipment that allows electrongs to flow in only one direction? Solid state diodes (Saia, 290)
What is used to evaluate timer accuracy and rectifier failure? Spinning top test (Saia, 308)
What is the volt ripple for single phase? 100% (bushong, 115)
What is the volt ripple for three phase, six pulse? 14% (bushong, 115)
What is the volt ripple for three phase, 12 pulse? 4% (bushong, 115)
What is the volt ripple for high frequency generater? 1% (bushong, 115)
What is the device that measures the ammount of radiation that reaches the IR? Automatic exposure control (bushong, 108)
The electronic timer on an AEC should be set to _____ times the expected exposure time as a backup timer incase the AEC fails? 1.5 (bushong, 108)
The _________ detectors are now used for the exposure timer checks. solid-state (bushong, 108)
What is the source of electrons? filament (bushong, 122)
The target is made out of what? Tungsten alloy embedded in copper.
What converts xray to light? input phosphor (Saia 287)
What converts light to electrons? photocathode (saia 287)
What converts electrons to light? Output phosphor (Saia 287)
When using the smaller field in a dual-field image intersifier, the image does what? is magnified (Saia 280)
As Kv increases, HVL _______. Increases (Saia 282)
The device that recieves the remnant, converts to light, and then increases the brightness of the light is the _________. image intensifier (Saia 283)
When a spinning top is used to test the efficiency of a __________ phase timer, the result is a series of dots or dashes, with each representing a pulse. single (saia 304)
A multitude of small, mesh like squares describes a ___________ test screen contact (saia 304)
A(n) _________ may be used to show the effect of Kv on contrast, showing a series of gray tones. step wedge (penetrometer) (Saia 304)
In fluoro, the ABC is used to adjust what 2 things. KV and Ma (saia 284)
When selecting Kv on panel, what device is adjusted? autotransformer (saia 284)
Kv must be within +- ____. 4 (saia 286)
What 2 things do you need to know to select a safe Kv on tube rating chart? MaS, focal spot size (saia 287)
______ is the amount of electric charge flowing per a second current (saia 309)
_______is the potential difference existing between two points, Voltage (Saia 309)
_____ is the property of a circuit that opposes current flow. Resistance (saia 309)
________ is a quantity of stored electricity. Capacitance (Saia 309)
As you move the II closer to a patient in fluoro, it decreases SID and _______, thus reducing ________. OID, patient dose (saia 310)
Most II are trifield. When a change to a _____ diameter mode is made, the volts on the focusing lenses is increased, and the result is magnified. This _____ patient dose. small, increase (Saia 313)
What is used to control voltage by varying resistance? Rheostat (Saia 292)
Used to protect the circuit elements from overload. Fuse ( Saia 314)
_____ energy KV is used to eject an outter shell electron. High (saia 314)
_____ energy KV is used to eject an inner shell electron. low (saia 314)
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