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World Geo

Chapter 18 19 and 20 Vocabulary

Communism A system in which the government controlled almost all aspects of political and economic life.
Eurasia Is Europe and Asia viewed as a large single continent.
Inland sea Sea that is almost completely surrounded by land.
Tundra A treeless plain in arctic areas where short grass and moss grow, is found where the region touches the Arctic Ocean.
Taiga South of the tundra are coniferous forest.
Steppe Expansive grasslands.
Multiethnic Containing many ethnic groups.
Ethnic group Is composed of people who share such things as culture, language, and religion.
Acid rain A form of pollution in which toxic chemicals in the air come back to the earth as rain, snow, or hail.
National identity Sense of what characteristics make them a nation.
Ghettos In Polish cities such as Warsaw.
Holocaust The destruction of human life.
Velvet revolution a revolution without bloodshed.
Collective farms Communists ended private ownership of farms.
Privatization Many parts of the Czechs.
Balkanize To break up into small, mutually hostile political units.
Entrepreneurs Go-getter individual who start and build businesses.
Multiplier effect Eleven new jobs have been added to Romania's economy for each job that the soft drink company created.
Annexed Formally added.
Diversify Increase the variety of their industries
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