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What is granite? Granite is an igneous is formed when magma forces it's way to the crust and cools slowly.
What is basalt? Basalt is an igneous rock.its formed when lava spreads out across the earths surface And cools quickly.
Where is granite found? Mourne and Wicklow mountains.
Where is basalt found? Giants causeway.
What is limestone? It is a sedimentary rock.its formed in the beds of seas.skeletons of fish are piled up and are compressed and cemented together.the remains of skeletons are preserved in some rock as fossils.
What is sandstone? Sandstone is a sedimentary rock.its formed when sand is transported by wind to the beds of lakes or deserts.layers of sand build up and are compressed together.
Where can you find limestone? Burren (co.clare)
Where can you find sandstone? Magillicuddy reeks.
What is marble? It is a metamorphic rock.its formed when magma gets in limestone and gets put under heat and pressure.
What is quartzite? Quartzite is a metamorphic rock.its formed when sandstone came in contact with magma deep in the earths crust.
Where can you find marble? Connemara
Where can you find quartzite? Great sugarloaf.
What is mining? The process of extracting ores, coal etc. from mines.
What is denudation? Denudation occurs by weathering and erosion.
What is mechanical weathering? Mechanical weathering causes rock to be broken up into smaller pieces.the most common type of mechanical weathering is freeze-thaw.
What is freeze thaw? Freeze-thaw is the break up of rock by frost action.
What is chemical weathering? Chemical weathering occurs when rocks decay or dissolve because of a chemical change.carbonation is one example of chemical weathering.
What is carbonation? When rain falls it takes in carbon dioxide.the carbon dioxide mixes with the rain turning it to weak carbonic acid.limestone has calcium carbonate in reacts with the carbon dioxide and slowly dissolves it.
What is mass movement? Mass movement refers to the downslope movement of any loose material under the influence of gravity.
What are the influences on mass movement? Gradient, water content, human activity and vegetation.
What's soil creep? Soil creep is the downslope movement of soil under the influence of gravity.
What's landslide? A landslide is the very rapid movement of earth and rock down a steep slope
What's a mudflow? Mudflows are moving rivers of rock, soil and water.
What's a bog burst? Bog burst is a form of mudflow.
Name the three stages of a river Upper/youthful...Middle/mature...lower/older stage.
What's the source? Where the river begins
What's the course The way a river goes int pi the sea.
What's a tributary? Another river that joins with the main river.
What's a confluence When a tributary joins a river.
What's the mouth? River enters the sea
What's the estuary? River mouth is tidal
What's the river basin? Land that's drained by a river.
What's a water shed? High ground that separates rivers
Name four types of river erosion Hydraulic action, abrasion, attrition, solution.
How does a v shaped valley form? It's formed when Water carries stones.force of water and grinding of stones cut down the river bed, depending it.weathering breaks up the rocks/soil on the sides.they collapse and debris goes into the river.
What are interlocking spurs? Are a series of ridges that jut out of a young river valley and lock into one another like the teeth of a zip.
How does a waterfall form? When hard rock lies on top of soft rock.over years, the soft rock erodes and it becomes steeper and it forms a waterfall.
What's a meander! Are curves/bends that develop along the mature course of a river.
How's a floodplain formed? Area of land either side of the river that is covered by water during a flood.
How's an oxbow lake formed? River is meandering across the valley eroding laterally.this erosion narrows the neck of the meander.the river cuts through the neck.the meander gets abandoned and the river continues.
How's a levee formed? Raised banks of alluvium found along the banks of some rivers in their old stage.
How's a delta formed? Deposits of alluvium found at the mouth of the river.
Explain two ways humans work with rivers. Building artificial levees.building dams
Explain two ways humans interfere with rivers. When you make the artificial levees the river/dam has no where to deposit it's aluvium so it deposits it on it's bed and that makes the river/dam it floods it's surroundings
What's hydro electric power? Electricity powered by water
Name one advantage of hep. When in use, electricity produced by dam systems do not produce green house gases. They do not pollute the atmosphere.
Name one disadvantage of hep. It is expensive to build.
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