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RADT 465: Pt. care

ARRT registry review covering patient care content area

Patient consent can be given in which three ways? Written, Verbel, or implied p.3
What type of consent is needed when involving invasive vascular exams, or the use of injecting contrast? Written p.3
American Hospital Association's replaced the Patient's Bill of Rights to what? The Patient Care Partnership- Understanding Expectations, Rights, and Responsibilites p.4
What does the Advanced Health Care Directive/ Living Will do? Preserves a person's right to make decisions regarding their own health care. Names the individual authorized to make all health care decisions for them. Can include specifics regrading DNR, DNI p.5
What society makes the Standards of Ethics? ARRT p.9
What does HIPAA stand for? Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act p.13
What ASRT document defines the radiographer's role? Practice Standard p15
a Diaphoretic patient has what type of appearance? pale,cool skin,and indicates weakness p.23
A patient who becomes cyanotic has what appearance and needs what? bluish lips,mucous membrances, or nail beds. In need of oxygen and requires immediate medical attention. p.23
radiologic examinations can be requested by who? A physician or a physician assistant p.25
Normal Body Temperatures? Adult- oral 98.6 Rectal 99.1-99.6 Axillary 97.6-98.1 Infant to age 4 -97.9-100.4 Child aged 5-13 97.8-98.6 p.24
The normal adult respirtatory rate is? 12-18 p.25
Normal blood pressure ranges? adult systolic ranges 100-140 Diastolic ranges 60-90 p.25
Normal heart rate for adult? 70-80 beats per minute. children would be faster p/26
What is Antisepsis? practice that retards the growth of pathogenic microorganisms. p.35
Health Care practitioners must practice what type of antisepsis at all times? medical asepsis, which is the destructive of pathogenic microorganisms through the process of disinfection. p.35
Modes of transmissions of infectious microoganisms ? droplet, airbones, and contact(direct or indirect)
The single most important component of medical asepsis is? proper and timely hand hygiene p.39
The CDC reccommends what percentage of all hopsital patients acquire some type of HAI (hospital acquired infections)? 5% to 15% p.40
What is the most commonly used vein for venipuncture? Antecubital p.56
Muliple Exams: Put in correct order UGI, BE, IVP IVP- first because excreted quickly BE - next because if the UGI were to be scheduled next there would be residual barium in lrg bowel. UGI- last p.62
Created by: amcoker