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(a)typical drugs

what are the atypicals? chlorpromazine, fluphenazine, haloperidol
SE for typicals? seizure photosensitivity lactation weight gain temp regulation issues SCD
which drugs may cause akathisia/motor restlessness, parkinsonism fluphenazine, haloperidol
which drug causes low EPS sx and dystonia pseudoparkinsonism, tachy chlorpromazine
which drugs are high potency fluphenazine and haloperidol
available in depot? flu and hal
which drug is similar to clozapine zyprexa
used for depression maintenance in combo with fluoxitine zyprexa
gives EPS in doses >6mg risperdal
all atypicals share what SE? NMS
which drug causes cataracts seroquel
which atypical has the weakest adverse effects ziprasidone
causes HA/n/v akathesia abilify
causes heavy sedation, dystonia, pseudoparkinsons clozapine
causes insomnia, somnolence, EPS sx asenapine
causes somnolence, akathesia, high glucose, EPS, prolactin lurasidone
which atypicals are approved for maintenance of depression (4) zyprexa, risperdal, seroquel, abilify
influences negative sx, and used in neuroleptics for + sx ziprasidone
used for tx resistant schizophrenia clozapine
used for acute schizo and acute mania with bipolar asenapine
BB for all atypicals elderly with dementia @increased risk of death and high glucose
which drug prolongs QT ziprasidone
prescribers must register clozapine
must get CBC before initiation clozapine
best drug for a new schizo abilify
take with food ziprasidone and lurasidone
"me too" drug that can be used when other neuroleptics d/ced due to EPS clozapine
sublingual asenapine
+signs delusions hallucinations disorganized speech behavior disturbance
- signs social isolation flat affect poverty of speech anhedonia
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