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antidepressant drugs

may cause weight gain, sex dysfunction, leukopenia, tremor, orthostatic hypotension phenelzine
may cause insomnia, decreased libido, nausea, diarrhea, weight loss, poor appetite (class) SSRI and SNRI
don't use with NSAIDs or other anti-platelets SSRI
take with food vilazodone
don't use with tobacco, warfarin, SSRIs, St Johns Wort, or MAOIs amitriptylline
what drugs cause hypertensive crisis phenelzine+tyramine or stimulants or Ldopa or pseudoephidrine
what causes serotonin syndrome phenelzine +SSRI or TCA
what class has SE of HTN crisis and serotonin syndrome? MAOI
BB cardiac toxicity amitriptylline
may cause anorgasmia, anorexia, impotency SSRI and SNRI
longest duration of action for SSRIs fluoxetine
potent and selective serotonin and NE reuptake inhibitor pristiq
inhibits reuptake of serotonin and NE amitriptylline
deposits into lipid membranes amitriptylline
5HT1 receptor partial agonist SSRI
inhibits 5HT and NE reuptake, weak reuptake DA SNRI
weak block of DA buproprion
serotonin 2 antagonist trazodone
causes increased cholesterol, proteinuria, high blood pressure pristiq
causes sedation, weight gain, neutropenia mirtazapine
X in hx of seizures, bulemia buproprion
causes priapism trazodone
decreases NE release and increases serotonin synthesis lithium
histone deacetylase inhibitor VPA
sodium channel blocker lamotrigine
tricyclic that limits electrical action carbamazepine
used for acute mania, acute depression, bipolar maintenance lithium
used for acute mania, mixed, maintenance VPA
long term maintenance of adults with bipolar lamotrigine
used for acute and mixed mania carbamazepine
may cause tremor, hair loss, hepatotox VPA
wt gain, polydipsia, polyuria, hypothyroid, arrythmias, ataxia lithium
causes rash if rushed lamotrigine
causes SJS, lots skins stuffs, anti-diuretic, ataxia, diplopia carbamazepine
may become toxic if pt is dehydrated lithium
don't use with diuretics, NSAIDs, ACEi, ARBs lithium
don't use with HIV meds VPA
inhibits CYP450, so dont use with warfarin VPA and vilazodone
what are the mood stabilizers? lithium, VPA, lamotrigine, carbamazepine
what is the indication for SNRIs? severe depression when increased drive is desired
are tricyclics or SSRI more potent for depression? tricyclics
do tricyclics or SSRIs have more SE? tricyclics
which drug is ok to breastfeed? amitriptylline
what should you monitor with pristiq? BP and urine analysis
all AD cause weight gain except.... SSRI, SNRI, buproprion
most teratogenic? lithium and VPA and carbamazepine
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