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If you were given water, salt, and sand and mixed them in a jar well, how could you get ALL THREE ingredients separated again? Be specific, separation will take more than one step. First you need to get the sand out with a filter. Then you evaporate the water from the salt.
If you are given a beaker containing 250 mL of a lightly tinted brown liquid and you shine a light through it and no light beam is visible, what kind of mixture would that indicate that you have in the beaker? Homogeneous mixture, solution
If you have 84 grams of ice in a zip-lock bag and you let it melt, explain what kind of change (Physical or Chemical) has occurred and what happens to the mass of the ice as it changes to a liquid? Physical change. The mass of the ice stays the same.
Carbon dioxide is made up of two atoms of oxygen and one atom of carbon. How would you classify it? a compound
If you mix water and hydrogen peroxide together, how could these two liquids be separated? They could be separated by boiling them. The liquid with the lowest point will boil first and condense. Then the other boils. distillation based on boiling point
Give an example of each of the following: a. physical change-- b. physical property-- c. chemical change-- d. chemical property-- a. ice melting b. tearing paper c. bike rusting d. flammabilty
State the Law of Conservation of Mass and give an example of that Law. States that the mass of all substances present before a chemical change equals the mass of all the substances remaining after the change. If a log burns. 2 lbs. if accumulated mass 2 lbs.
the breaking of glass physical change
flammability chemical property
freezing water physical change
color of a substance physical property
shape physical property
If a mixture scatters light and does not settle upon standing, it is a_. colloid mixture
fruit salad heterogeneous
smoke and fog collid mixtures
another name for a heterogenous mixture solution
The scattering of light in a colloid is called the __. tyndall effect
A way to separate a mixture using the physical property of boiling point is __. distillation
A substance may be either a(n) __ or a(n) __. element or compound
When a log burns in a fire a chemical change has occurred. That means that a __ substance is formed. new
When two or more elements combine a __ is formed. compound
Can a substance be separated into simpler parts through differences in physical properties? Explain…. No, because they are chemically combined and not easily separated.
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