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Electricity UnitTest

Electricity Unit Test

The ability to do work or to cause a change. The ability to make things move. Energy
Energy of vibration of particles within matter. The faster the particles vibrate, the more energy they have. Thermal energy
Light, microwaves, x-rays. Moves in Waves. Can move through space Electromagnetic Energy
Energy produced when an object is made to vibrate; travels out as waves in all directions. Has to travel through some sort of matter. Sound energy
Energy stored in the bonds of molecules. Chemical energy
Energy that holds protons & neutrons together in the nucleus of an atom. (Powers the sun) Nuclear Energy
Energy can not be created or destroyed. It can be converted from one form to another, but the total amount of energy stays the same. Law of Conservation of Energy
Energy produced by the movement of electrons through a substance Electrical Energy
Broad Category for the energy of moving things Kinetic energy
The energy of moving things – energy of an object in motion Mechanical Energy
true or false: Energy takes up space and has mass. false
true or false: Only things that are moving have energy false
In any physical or chemical process, what two total quantities are always conserved? matter and energy
Which of the following best represents the major energy conversion that takes place when using a washing machine? electrical -> mechanical
When Cody turns on a flashlight, chemical energy from the battery is converted into _____ energy electromagnetic
An apple tree converts ________ energy from the sun into chemical energy. electromagnetic
Nuclear and thermal are two types of ________, which is the ability to do work or cause a change. energy
true or false: Electric charges that are different attract each other. true
The charge on a proton is positive, and the charge on an electron is negative
A complete, unbroken path through which electric charges can flow is a(n) electric circuit
The continuous flow of charges through a material is called electric ____________________. current
Materials that allow the charges of an electric current to move freely through them are called conductors
A(n) ____________________ is a material in which charges cannot flow easily. insulator
The ampere is a unit of electric current
An example of an insulator is rubber, glass
What causes charges to move in a circuit? voltage
An electric current will always follow the path of least resistance
True or false: Batteries and generators are examples of voltage sources, which create a potential difference in a circuit. true
If two wires of the same material have the same thickness but different lengths, the _________ wire will have a greater resistance longer
True or false: For a constant voltage, increasing the resistance will cause the current to decrease. true
True or false: For a constant voltage, increasing the resistance will cause the current to decrease. true
true or false: The unit of measure of voltage is the ohm false
true or false: As the temperature of most conductors increases, the resistance decreases. false
An increase in voltage causes a greater electric ____________________ in a circuit. current
According to Ohm’s law, resistance is equal to voltage divided by current
A device that transforms stored chemical energy into electrical energy is a(n) electrochemical cell
What parts of the cell are used to connect an electrochemical cell to a circuit? terminals
A device used to open and close an electric circuit is a(n) switch
true or false: In a circuit diagram, a zigzag line drawn inside a circle represents a type of switch false: that would be a resister
A device to measure electrical potential energy difference, or voltage, is called a(n) voltmeter
In a series circuit with three bulbs, adding another bulb will make all the bulbs dimmer.
To measure the current through a device in an electric circuit, a(n) ____________________ should be connected in series with the device. ammeter
True or false: In a parallel circuit, there is only one path for current to take false
In a(n) ____________________ circuit, different parts of the circuit are on separate branches. parallel circuit
A connection that allows current to take the path of least resistance is called a short circuit
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