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IBS/Hepatitis drugs

treats constipation, eliminates poisons miralax
treats hepatic encephalopathy and constipation lactulose
used for women with constipation IBS amitiza
relieves short-term constipation IBS zelnorm
women with diarrhea IBS alosetron
relieves abdominal pain and bloating in pts w/o constipation rifaximin
relieves abdominal pain due to smooth muscle relaxation and anti-cholinergic effects dicyclomine
X with GI obstruction or appendicitis miralax and amitiza
X with low galactose diet lactulose
X crohns, UC, constipated patients alosetron
don't use with other anticholinergics or during lactation dicyclomine
must be taken BID q12 h alosetron
dyspnea with first dose amitiza
may cause electrolyte imbalances miralax and lactulose
treats HBV entecavir, adefovir, lamivudine
treats HCV ribavirin
X in pregnancy (men too), anemia, ESRD ribavirin
X lactation and kids<12 adefovir
causes dose dependent hemolytic anemia ribavirin
may cause exacerbation of hepatitis w/in 12 weeks of stopping med adefovir
causes lactic acidosis, hepatic steatosis, pancreatitis, peripheral neuropathy lamivudine
common SE is flu-like syndrome interferons
HBV monotherapy and HCV +ribavirin interferons
Xhepatic decompensation, autoimmune dz, hx of cardiac arrhythmias interferons
interacts with psych meds and zidovudine interferon alpha 2a
which interferon has a longer half life? alpha 2a
BB lactic acidosis, hepatomegaly, steatosis lamivudine
BB hep B exacerbation, HIV resistance, hepatomegaly adefovir
BB hx of anemia ribavirin
take with food ribavirin
X acute HSV, vaccines, fungal infections prednisolone
used for alcholic liver disease and alcoholic hepatitis prednisolone
used in alcoholic hepatitis in pts who are not steroid candidates pentoxifylline
non-steroidal phosphodiesterase inhibitor pentoxifylline
may decrease mortality by decreasing hepatorenal syndrome pentoxifylline
which anti-viral is CYP450 ribavirin
Created by: duanea00