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GERD Drugs

which 2 classes of drugs block acid secretion H2 blockers and PPI
weak bases that chemically neutralize acid calcium carbonate
binds to mucosa and inhibits pepsin-catalyzed hydrolysis of mucosal proteins, ie builds up a protective wall sulcrafate
prostaglandin that increases bicarb and mucus from epithelial cells, inhibits acid from parietal cells misoprostol
locally acting, secretion reducing, topical that binds toxins and is anti-diarrheal pepto
competitive antagonists at H2 receptors on parietal cells; inhibit meal secretions and basal secretions H2 blockers
binds and irreversibly blocks ATP-dependent proton pump in parietal cell PPI
which class+abx eliminates H. pylori H2 blockers and PPI
relieves stress ulcers, ZE ulcers, GERD, dyspepsia, PUD H2 blockers
PUD, GERD, ZE, may reduce gastric acid for 4-6 weeks PPI
best 2 options for reducing acid in the elderly ranitidine and calcium carbonate
PUD treatment in pts who cannot tolerate H2 or PPI sulcrafate
prevents ulcers in pts taking NSAIDs misoprostol
X varicella vaccine, MMRV, pts <20 w/flu, or if febrile pepto
may cause Reye's syndrome pepto
may cause early uterine contractions and not good w/CVD misoprostol
requires acidic stomach for activation sulcrafate and omeprazole
do not combine ___ with sulcrafate antacids
AlOH causes____ constipation
MgOH causes____ diarrhea
Rolaids may increase the absorption of meds like ____ Ldopa, weak bases
BB increased hip fractures in the elderly PPI
interacts with atazanavir, antacids, and is CYP450 omeprazole
first line agents to reduce gastric acid, suppress 90% acid PPI
prokinetic agent metoclopramide
anti-diarrheals lomotil, immodium, pepto
stimulates smooth muscle in the GI, promotes ACh release and blocks DA metoclopramide
bulk laxative that increases mass psyllium
surfactant stool softener colace
osmotic laxative magnesium hydroxide and miralax
poorly absorbed molecules draw in water, increasing volume magnesium hydroxide and miralax
preop for GI surgery dulcolax
activates GI opiod receptors, decreases ACh release lomotil and immodium
used for hypomotility, gastroparesis, intractable hiccup, antiemetic metoclopramide
X seizures, GI obstruction, GI hemorrhage metoclopramide
interacts with MAOI and may cause HTN crisis metoclopramide
H2 blockers ranitidine and famotidine
PPIs omeprazole and esomeprazole
antacids calcium carbonate
mucosal protective agents sulcrafate, misoprostol, pepto
5HT3 receptor antagonist, blocks afferent signals to CTZ zofran
D2 blocker/anti-emetic and anti-psychotic compazine
NK1 antagonist emend
cannaboid receptor agonist marinol
blocks vestibular component of vomit reflex dramamine
anticholinergic, antiemetic, antidyskinetic scopalamine
which 2 drugs are combined to treat chemo nausea zofran+emend
chemo sickness and AIDS anorexia marinol
motion sickness and parkinsons scopalamine
which antiemetic has the most drug interactions? compazine
a CYP450 and interacts with benzos emend
stimulant laxative dulcolax
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