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Pharmacology Study of drugs and effects.
Pharmacodynamics Study of Chemical and physiologic effects and mechanics (the way they work)
Pharmakinetcs Drug Absorption, distribution, metabolism and excretion.
Pharmacognosy Study of Herbal
Pharmacotherapeutics Theraputic specific disease
Toxicology Study of posions
Affinity Attractive force
Agonist Drug that binds to receptor and MIMICS
Adverse effects BAD HARMFUL effects
Alteration How the body Absorbs
Anaphlyatic Shock Severe Allergic Reaction
Bioavaliability A drug or substance becoming avaliable by a specific tissue or organ after administration
Biotransformation Conversion of drugs transformation conversion
conjugation combination of substanced with sulfurir or g acid STOPPING activity getting ready for EXIT, EXCRETION
Distribution the passage of an agent
Dose Effect Relationship The relationship between a dose and drug with therapudic effects
Excretion The last stage of pharmokinetics exit of waste in body
Half Life t1/2 half the time it takes medicine to work 50%
First Pass Effect Drug is in liver to be metabolized before sending to the body
Hydrolyis Reducing a compound using water
Reduction A substance reaction with electrons
Oxidation combining with oxygen
Idiosyncratic Weird peculiar
Absorbtion Movment of drug into circulation
Breakdown Stomach, LIVER, intestines, moves through blood WAY OF MOVING THROUGH BLOOD
Side effects Unwanted effects
The Food & Drug Act 1906 The first federal drug law. 1906
Federal Food/drug/cosmetic Act
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