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What is a utopia? When the world has come to a perfect society where all social, political, evils of mankind have been eliminated
What is a dystopia? Where the saturated utopias depict societies which have attempted to eliminate the troubles of mankind and in doing so, having created new evils
What is a satire? Form of literature that uses irony and ridicule to expose human follies and faults
What are the 5 parts to a short story? Exposition, Climax, Conflict, Resolution, Conclusion
What is a setting? The time and place
What is a theme? The big idea or life lesson we can apply to our own lives
What is symbolism? The use of symbols to represent ideas or qualities
What is verbal irony? The contrast between what is said and what is meant
What is dramatic irony? What the character thinks to be true and what we (the reader) know to be true
What is situational irony? The contrast between what happens and what was expected
What is foreshadowing? The use of hints or clues to suggest what will happen later
What is imagery? Language that evokes 1 or all of the five senses
What is tone? The attitude a writer takes towards a subject or character
What is mood? The atmosphere
What is an allusion? A reference to a person, place, history, etc.
What is magic realism? Transformation of common and everyday into the awesome and unreal (dreams, fairytales, or mythology)
What is a first person point of view? The narrator is a character in the story
What is a second person point of view? Narrator involves reader
What is a third person point of view? Outside narrator
What is a third person omniscient point of view? Seems to know thoughts, feelings, and motives
What is direct characterization? When the author tells us
What is indirect characterization? When we have to infer or personality of characters based on text support
In the Lottery, Who is Mr. Summers? He's responsible for the logistics of running the lottery
According to the government, was is Harrison Bergeron trying to do? He's trying to overthrow the government
How does the government try to handicap George in Harrison Bergeron? They send loud noises through a transmitter in his ears
What is The Fun They Had about? Margie and Tommy envy the "ancient" system of education that had separate buildings with human teacher and room full of kids learning at the same time
Which action shows that Jimmy Valentine may be a decent man in a Retrieved Reformation? He falls in love at first sight for Annabel Adams and wants to be a better man
Why is Margot different from all the other children in All Summer In A Day? Margot has a memory of life on earth
In the Bet, what is the subject of the banker's and lawyer's conversation at the very beginning? They were discussing capital punishment
In a Very Old Man with Wings, Pelayo's and Elisenda's life is changed by the angel how? They use the angel to make them money
At the beginning of The Gift of the Magi, what is Della upset about it? She's upset that she can't afford a nice gift for her husband
Created by: KJohnson23