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Psych 100 Exam 1

Socrates and Plato believed in the idea that the body and mind are 2 separate things. What is that idea called? Dualism
What is it called when we are "born with knowledge" Inate knowledge
Who was a student of Socrates and believed that the body and mind were separated? Aristotle
Who believed that the mind was spiritual and the body was a natural entity? Decartes
Who was the initial author of the "tabula rusa" or blank sheet Aristotle
Who was the father of Empiricism? John Locke
What does is it mean to say that all ideas and knowledge are gained through experience? Empericisim
Who was the first psychologist? William Wundt
What did Wundt study? How long it would take the mind to notice something and then act on it
Who is the father of structuralism? Titchner
What is the definition of Introspection? Looking inside the head by having people write down what is in their minds
Functionalism was the idea of whom? William James
From 1920-1960 what was psychology considered as? Observable behavior
Until the 1920s what was psychology? study of mental life
What is psychology today? The science of behavior and mental processes
What is behavior? Anything we can see outwardly
What is mental? Any private event that must be inferred from behavior
What are the 3 forms of scientific attitudes? Empirical questions, skepticism, and critical thinking
What are Empirical questions? Questions that can be answered by making objective observations
What is Skepticism? When the explanation for a behavior is accepted on after the other possibilities are ruled out
What example of Skepticism did Dr. F use in class? The story of her daughter and the counting of her toys. Her daughter had only memorized the numbers not the actual concept of counting the objects.
What is Critical Thinking? Thinking that examines assumptions, discerns hidden values, evaluated evidence and assess all observations
What are the 5 ways the psychologist study behavior? Case studies, surveys, naturalist observation, correlations, and experiments
What is it called when a single person or event is being studied, such as the teenage who didn't learn language until her teens? A case study
What is a survey? When participants are asked questions about their thoughts, attitude, and behaviors
What is the hardest part about a survey? Finding the right sample of people
What are some example of survey types? Email, website, write, phone, interview
What is the study of people/animal behaviors as t occurs in their natural environment? Naturalistic observations
What is a good example of naturalistic observation? Jane Goodall and the monkeys
What is a correlation? When 2 variables are associated or related in some fashion
What was the example used in class for correlations? The GPA and number of hours studying & the GPA and number of hours partying
What happened to GPA as the number of hours studying went up and what is this called and why? The GPA also went up; positive correlation; as one increases so does the other
What happened to the GPA as the number of hours partying went up and what is this called and why ? The GPA went down; negative correlation; inversely related... as one goes up the other goes up
What is the correlation coefficient? What indicated the strength & direction of the correlation
Pearsons "r" is always between what? -1 & 1
If a number has +1 on Pearsons r what does that mean? There is a perfect positive correlation
If a number has a -1 on Pearsons r what does that mean? There is a perfect negative correlation
TRUE OF FALSE : There are usually perfect correlations in psychology FALSE
The closer to 0 the ________ the correlation Weaker
What are 2 correlation study problems? Directionality problems, third variable problems
What is the class given example of a third variable problem? Ice cream & Crime third variable being high temps.
What study method is the only one used to study cause and effect? Experiment
Variable being manipulated Independent variable
The variable that is getting measured Dependent variable
What is a control condition? What serves as a comparison for the experimental condition
What example did Dr. F use to explain a control, IV, and DV? Her daughter and the science fair project with the fish. The growth of the fish was the DV, the IV was the music playing, and the Control condition was the group of fish that were to grow normally with no music
Created by: kwebbbb