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English Vocab

English Vocab for Midterm

reiterate repeat
fortitude courage in facing difficulties
verbatim word for word
unkempt untidy
augment increase
adroit skilled
benevolent kindly; charitable
belligerent one at war; pugnacious
cursory hasty; not thorough
feasible possible; able to be done
impetus a moving force; impulse
precedent an example that may serve as a basis for later action
coerce to compel; force
inclement stormy; harsh
fallow to plow not seed
perpetuate to make permanent or long lasting
punitive inflicting or aiming punishment
negligible so unimportant that it can be disregarded
pungent causing a sharp sensation
rampant running wild
solace comfort; relief
repose sleep
infallible free from error
clemency mercy
chivalrous knightly
inopportune coming at a bad time
explicit definite; clearly stated
comprise to include or contain
adversary enemy or opponent
alienate to turn away
uncanny strange beyond explanation
panacea a remedy for all ills
converge to move toward a point - bring closer together
remiss careless
benefactor one who does good to others
malevolent evil
supercilious proud and contemptuous
expunge to erase, obliterate, or destroy completely
scrutinize to examine closely
quintessence the purest essence of form of something
nostalgia a longing for something past
meticulous paying great attention to detail
bequeath to pass on (inheritance)
ascertain to find out
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