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Adv. Mods Unit I

special procedures

What special procedure involves contrast study of the synovial joints and related soft tissue structures? arthrography
What must be done before a special procedure can take place? pt. must sign informed consent form
Why are knee arthrograms done? torn joint capsule, menisci, or ligaments; Baker's cyst
What is an example of local anesthetics? Lidocaine
When contrast is administered for a knee arthrogram how much do you rotate the knee between each exposure? 20 degrees
What are the two most common types of arthrograms done? Knee and shoulder
When double contrast procedures are done; how much negative and how much positive contrast is put into the joint space? 3-4ml positive; 10-12 mL negative
Where does the patient normally go after the injection of contrast in an arthrogram if overheads are not taken? CT or MRI
What modality is used for needle placement and contrast injection? Fluoro
What does it mean by "patency" of uterine tube? Opening
What is the #1 reason a female gets a hysterosalpinogram? Infertility assessment
What does tubal ligation mean? Tubes are closed
What does the radiologist look for once the contrast is administered into the uterine cavity? Spilling of the contrast into the peritoneal cavity which indicates the tubes being open of patent
What is the radiographic study of the spinal cord and it's nerve root branches with contrast? Myelogram
Where is contrast administered in a myelogram? L3-L4-lumbar C1-C2-cervical
Where does the spinal cord end? L1
What is the #1 indication for a myelogram being performed? HNP
What does HNP stand for? Herniated nucleus polposus
Why would a pt. who recently got a LP not be able to get a myelogram done? Because there would be a risk of leaking CSF
Why are pillows placed under the patients belly/chest area during a myelogram? To open up the spaces in the spine
Why must the patient keep their neck hyperextended once the contrast is administered? To keep the contrast in the c-spine and not the subarachnoid space
T/F: sialography is the study of the salivary glands and associated ducts when they are infected. False: you don't want to do the exam when they are infected or inflamed
What are the 3 major glands in the mouth? Parotid, submaxillary (submandibular), sublingual
What gland are the ducts of Rivinus located on? Sublingual
What is used to stimulate saliva? Lime or a lemon
T/F: for accurate measurement in orthoroentgenography the tech must use separate cassettes/IRs for each joint that needs to be included. T
Why can't a tech use one cassette on an orthoroentgenography study? Beam divergence which results in elongation
Which kind of ruler is used in orthoroentgenography? Bell-Thompson ruler
Created by: mokapis